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Answer: NO, she encourages it!

Yet the descendants of blacks who were forcibly Christianized during the slave trade and colonization continue to proclaim loudly that the Bible is the Word of God. Yes, but the god of what people?

Not only is the black race cursed, but we are given a fictitious and erroneous view of history; it is known from science and archeology that blacks were the first men on earth, but the Bible tells us that it was a white man (Noah) who by revenge condemned one of the sons of Ham to become a slave his uncles (Shem and Japhet) for an act committed by his father.

And the rabbinical exegesis tells us that it was following an aggression committed by ham on his father that his descendants were doomed to become black with skin.

The Bible teaches racism and slavery: One is stunned that some verses encourage racism and slavery.

At the point where one wonders if this God was not created by men to enslave other men?

To the sacred text were added a series of stories, including that of Kush, another son of Ham. He, again, would have disobeyed Noah who had forbidden his descendants from having sex in the Ark.

Now Ham conceived a child during the flood: Kush. God cursed him and made him black. From him were born Ethiopians and all African blacks.

The story, whose origin would be found in one of the Fathers of the Church, Origen, was first developed among the Arabs in the tenth century by the scholar al-Tabari. It was broadcast in the West in the sixteenth century. century and officialized in the 18th century by the Historical Dictionary of the Bible, by Dom Augustin Calmet.

This fiction penetrated especially in the early nineteenth century in the Catholic world.


The cursed blacks in the Bible Over the centuries, the curse of Canaan has served to justify the slavery of blacks.

In the Middle Ages, the Arabs already possessed many black slaves.

Several texts of the Koran clearly tolerate this practice, the stories being well known, the Muslim theologians have made the basis of the enslavement of blacks.

The three main religions have the same basis, the Old Testament, especially the Torah.

Genesis chapter 9 verses .20 to 27 says this:

"Noah began to cultivate the land, and planted vines, drank wine, got drunk, and discovered himself in the middle of his tent.Ham, father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and brought him out. So Sem and Japheth took the cloak, laid it on their shoulders, walked backward, and covered their father's nakedness, and as their faces were turned away, they did not see the nakedness of their father. Waking from his wine, he heard what his youngest son had done to him, and he said, "Cursed be Canaan, let him be the slave of the slaves of his brethren," and he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem And let Canaan be their slave, and let God extend the possessions of Japheth, and dwell in the tents of Shem, and let Canaan be their bondman. " End of quote!

Cham is the biblical ancestor of blacks, this is indisputable from the given genealogy.

Genesis chapter 10 verse 6 says this:

"The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizraim, Puth, and Canaan." End quote!

Cush (Kush) is a term of Hebrew origin and means "black" it means Nubia, current Sudan, a country inhabited mainly by blacks.

Mizraim (Misraim) is an equally Semitic word for Egypt (Kemet),

Puth (Punt), from "The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt", refers to a country in Africa.

Canaan means Palestine (now called Israel). Bukongo teaches that the Kanana country (Canaan in Kikongo Pure language) that the ancestors of the Bena Kongo were the founders at the origin of the country of Kanana where they had built the Priestly City called: Mbanza Yelusalemi! So the people of Kanana (Canaan) were black!

In the Midrash Rabbah and Berechit Rabbah, rabbinic exegesis is a little more explicit.

To justify their racism three rabbis R. Joseph (died in 333) (Commentary on the Pentateuch), R. Huna (died in 297) (Commentary on Genesis) and R. Chiza bar Abba (136-217) (The Hebrew myths) comment on an assault by Cham on his father already in the ark.

Because of this act, his black divinity descendant:

"From now on, I can not give birth to the fourth son of whom I have given orders ... that the children serve you and your brothers, so it must be Canaan, your firstborn, whom they take for a slave. And as you have made me unable to do bad things in the dark of the night, the children of Canaan will be born naughty and black! Moreover, since you contorted to see my nakedness, the hair of your grandchildren s will curl up to become kinky and they will have red eyes, moreover, since your lips have joked about my misfortune, yours will swell and since you have disrespected for my nakedness, they will go all naked and their manly member will lie ignominiously. "

The old editions of the Talmud still mention that:

"... kush, descendant of Ham, will become black because of the curse (...) The raven, the dog and the kushite will be black because of their misdeeds".

Under the pen of Jeremiah, we can still read (Jeremiah chapter 13 verse 23):

"A Kushite can change color ... Live and vegetate on your soil like the Kushites, as determined elements of nature, you will not cease to be mine".

Question: Does the Bible condemn slavery?

Rabbi Maimonides in his work, considered by the Jews as the greatest in matters of Jewish religious philosophy (The Guide of the Lost, Book III, chapter 51) tells us this of the black people:

"... Their nature is similar to that of dumb animals, and in my opinion they do not reach the rank of human beings, among the existing things they are inferior to man but superior to the monkey because they possess to a greater extent than the monkey the image and likeness of man. "

In Europe, the use of the curse of Cham to justify the inferiorization of black peoples and slavery appeared in the fifteenth century, in Protestant circles in Holland. Georg Horn, professor of history at the University of Leiden, would be the first, in 1666, to have proposed a classification of races according to the model of the descendants of Noah of Genesis.

A few years later, Jean Louis Hannemann, based on a commentary on the Genesis of Martin Luther, evokes in a fundamentalist statement that Africans are slaves because of the curse of Ham.

It is therefore in the movement of the Protestant Reformation, that the use of the curse of Ham as an instrument of justification of slavery among Christians of the West begins to develop.

This interpretation will gain momentum and resonance in the United States, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as the phenomenon of the black slave trade increases. This too brief history of the use of the curse of Ham to support slavery and racism shows the vital importance of the Bible. Because of the Bible, people have been enslaved.

Only recently, these biblical verses have been used to justify apartheid in South Africa. This regime was abolished only in 1991.

Fabrice Monteiro-brown-slavery-runaways


God allows his worshipers to own slaves .

Genesis 14: 14,15: "So Abram heard that his brother had been captured, so he went over his well-trained men, three hundred and eighteen slaves born in his household, and went after [the kings] Then, during the night, he dispatched his troops - he and his slaves - against them, so that he defeated them and pursued them as far as Hoba, which is north of Damascus. "

Exodus 12:44: "Thou shalt circumcise every slave bought with money, then he shall eat of it." 45The inhabitant and the mercenary shall not eat of it. End of quote!

God allows his worshipers to buy and sell slaves.

If a man has sold his daughter as a maid, she will not be released under the same conditions as slaves. If she displeases her master who reserved it, he will buy it back, but he will not be able to sell it to strangers. It would betray her. If he has intended it for his son, he will treat it according to the law that applies to girls. "End quote!

Hitting slaves without killing them is permitted by God.

Exodus 20:21: "If a man strike his slave male or female, and the slave dies under his hand, the master will be punished, but if he survives a day or two, the master will not be punished. because it's his money. " End of quote!

Exodus 21:26: "If a man strikes the eye of his slave, man or woman, and makes him lose his eye, he will let him go free for the price of his eye. his slave, man or woman, he will let him go free for the price of his tooth. " End of quote!

Exodus 21:32: "But if the ox smite a slave, man or woman, they shall give thirty shekels of silver to the master of the bondman, and the ox shall be stoned." End of quote!

Deuteronomy 15: 16-18: "If your servant says to you, 'I do not want to go out of your house,' because he loves you, you and your house, and he is well at home, then you take a pin and pierce your ear against the door, and he will be your slave forever, and you shall do the same for your maidservant, and you will not find it hard to send him away from your house for he has served you six times. years, which is worth double the wages of a mercenary, and the Lord your God will bless you in all that you do. " . End of quote!

Deuteronomy 20:14: "But you shall take for yourself the women, the children, the cattle, all that is in the city, all its spoil, and you shall eat the spoils of thine enemies, which Jehovah your God hath will have delivered. " End of quote!

1 Timothy 6: "Let all who are under the yoke of bondage regard their teachers as worthy of all honor, that the name of God and the doctrine may not be blasphemed." End of quote!

Proverbs 29:19: "It is not by words that a slave is chastised: even though he understands, he does not obey." End of quote!

Proverbs 19:10: "It is not fitting for a fool to live in delights, how much less a slave to rule over princes!" End of quote!

You will leave them as an inheritance to your children after you, to possess them as a property; they will be perpetually your slaves. But with respect to your brethren, the children of Israel, none of you will dominate his brother harshly. End quote!

Moreover, in another passage, God encourages Jews to take non-Jews as their property in perpetuity: Leviticus 25 (39-46): "If your brother becomes poor near you, and sells himself to you you will not impose on him the work of a slave. "

This recommendation suggests to the slaves not to revolt against their condition: Colossians 3.22: "Slaves, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh, not only before their eyes, as to please men, but with simplicity of heart, in the fear of the Lord. "

Thus, the Jews could only be slaves for a short time, but concerning the non-Jews, the Torah tells us that they must be taken for slaves, and that they will remain the property of the Israelites from generation to generation:

Abraham of the Bible as Muhammad of the Koran was also a notorious slave owner who owned a large number of slaves that he had bought himself with silver coins or gave his wife for adultery = a real mackerel.

Genesis 17-26,27: "The same day Abraham was circumcised, and Ishmael his son, and all the men of his house, born in his house, or bought with money from strangers, were circumcised with him."


The papal bulls of Eugene IV (1445) and Nicholas V (1454) authorized and confirmed slavery in the Portuguese colonies of the New World. This allowed Christianity to spread by force in Africa. To say that the Bible is Truth is to attribute to God errors and contradictions.

The Bible contradicts itself and contradicts history and science.

It contradicts itself in innumerable places, for example: On the one hand, it is prescribed: fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth (Leviticus 24:19, Pr 24.29), and on the other hand if someone strikes you on the right cheek, present him also to the other (Matthew 5: 38-42), do not render anyone evil for evil (Romans 12:17).

The first chapter of Genesis contradicts the second: In Genesis 1, God first created animals, then man and woman; in Genesis 2, God created man first, then animals, then woman.

We read in Deuteronomy (27.22): "Cursed is he that sleepeth with his sister, daughter of his father, or daughter of his mother!", And in Leviticus (18.9), "Thou shalt not discover the nakedness of thy sister, daughter of your father or daughter of your mother, born in the house or born out of the house ", while one is surprised to learn in the Book of Genesis that Sara was the half-sister of Abraham, the daughter of his father (Genesis 20.12).

The comparison of the genealogy of Jesus according to Matthew and his genealogy according to Luke reveals many divergences: According to Matthew, Jesus descends from Solomon, son of David (Matthew 1.7), but according to Luke he descended from Nathan, son of David (Luke 3.31,32).

According to Matthew, Salathiel is the son of Jechonias (Matthew 1.12), but according to Luke, he is the son of Neri (Luke 3:27).

According to Matthew, the name of the son of Zorobabel is called Abiud (Matthew 1.13), and according to Luke, his name is Rhesa (Luke 3:27).

According to the first Book of Genesis, chapters 5, 7, 11, 21 and 25, Adam's creation dates back to about five thousand years ago. But archaeological excavations reveal, thanks to the use of the carbon 14 dating method, the existence of elements proving the appearance of Man on the earth for more than a million years.

Deuteronomy 23. 19,20 The Bible authorizes the practice of usury against strangers: "You shall not demand from your brother any interest in money, food, or anything of interest. take an interest from abroad, but you will not get it from your brother. "

Pillage and massacre of foreigners considered as unclean beings

The Bible presents us with a God who cares only about the chosen race of Israel, to the exclusion of other nations and foreigners who are always the object of contempt, persecution, slavery and massacres.

Numbers 31: 7-11: "And they came up against the Midianites, according to the commandment which Jehovah gave to Moses, and slew all the males (...) The children of Israel were captives of the women of the Midianites. with their grandchildren, and they plundered all their cattle, all their flocks, and all their wealth, and burned all the cities that they lived in, and all their enclosures ... "

Joshua 6: 16-24: "And Joshua said to the people, Shout, for the LORD hath delivered the city to thee: the city shall be devoted to the LORD by forbidden her, and all that is in it; to Rahab the harlot, and to all who are with her in the house, because she hid the messengers we sent (...) The people went up into the city, and took the city, and by the sword they devoted everything that was in the city, men and women, children and old men, even to oxen, sheep, and donkeys (...) They burned the city and everything who was there. "

Who is this God who commands to sow death and desolation?

Deuteronomy 20.10-18 Is it really God who commands the extermination of women and children? :

But in the cities of these peoples, of which the LORD your God gives you land for inheritance, you will not give life to anything that breathes. For thou shalt devour these peoples, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, as Jehovah your God has commanded you, that they may not teach you to imitating all the abominations that they do for their gods, and that you do not sin against the LORD your God .. "End of quote!

Joshua 8.24, 25: "When Israel had finished killing all the inhabitants of Ai in the wilderness, where they had pursued him, and they were all put to death by the sword, all Israel returned. to Ai, and struck her with the edge of the sword: there were altogether twelve thousand killed that day, men and women, all of Ai. "

Sexual Depravity: How not to be surprised to learn that prophets and their children were drenched in the most abject sexual debauchery?

2 Samuel 13: 1-21: "Amnon, the son of David, fell in love with his sister Tamar, and took a subterfuge to bring her to her room and rape her, and he made the sick man and demanded that his sister Tamar bring her the food and not someone else. "When she brought the food to his room, he grabbed it and raped it.

2 Samuel 16.20-23: "And Ahithophel said to Absalom, Go to the concubines that your father left to keep the house, and all Israel shall know that you have made your father angry, and the hands of all who are with you shall be strengthened. "And Absalom set up a tent on the roof, and Absalom went to his father's concubines to the eyes of all Israel.

In the days of the apostles too, some Christians possessed slaves.

Philemon 15, 16: "Perhaps, indeed, is it for this reason that he escaped for an hour, so that you find him forever, no longer as a slave, but better than a slave? , as a beloved brother, especially for me, but how much more for you, and in the bonds of the flesh and in [the] Lord. "

What does the Talmud (The Oral Law of the Jews) say about non-Jews?

Talmud, Ereget Rashi Erod.22 30: A non-Jew is like a dog.

The scriptures tell us that a dog deserves more respect than a non-Jew.

Talmud, Iebhammoth 61a: Jews are entitled to be called "men", not non-Jews.

Talmud, Iore Dea 377, 1: It is necessary to replace the dead non-Jewish servants, such as cows, or lost donkeys, and we must not show sympathy for the Jew who employs them.

That's why your Messiah Jesus Christ said this to the Canaanite woman (black woman) this with much contempt:

It is not good to take the bread of the children of Israel and throw it to the dogs.

Matthew 15:26

Some other passages of the Talmud speaking of non-Jews:

Talmud, Jalkut Rubeni Gadol 12b: The souls of non-Jews come from unclean spirits known as pigs.

Talmud, Kerithuth 6b p. 78: Jews are humans, not non-Jews, they are animals.

Talmud, Kethuboth 110b: For the interpretation of a psalm a rabbi says: "The psalmist compares non-Jews to unclean beasts."

Talmud, Orach Chaiim 225, 10: Non-Jews and animals are used equivalently in a comparison.

Talmud, Schene Luchoth Haberith p. 250b: Even as a non-Jew the same as a Jew, they behave towards the Jews in the same way as a monkey toward a man.

Talmud, Tosaphot, Jebamoth 94b: When you eat in the presence of a non-Jew it's like eating with a dog.

Talmud, Yebamoth 98a. All goyim children are animals

Talmud, Zohar II 64b: Non-Jews are idolaters, they are compared to cows and donkeys.

Talmud, Orach Chaiim 57, 6a: One should not have more compassion for the non-Jews than for the pigs, when they are sick of the intestines.

Jews can rob non-Jews:

Talmud, Babha Bathra 54b: The property of a non-Jew belongs to the first Jew who claims it.

Talmud, Babha Kama 113a: Jews can lie and perjure themselves, if it is to deceive or condemn a non-Jew.

Talmud, Babha Kama 113b: The name of God is not profaned when the lie is made to a non-Jew.

Talmud, Baba Mezia 24a: if a Jew finds an object belonging to a goyim, he is not obliged to return it to him

Talmud, Choschen Ham 183, 7: Jews who deceive a non-Jew, must share the benefit equitably .

Talmud, Abhodah Zarah 54a: Usury can be practiced on non-Jews, or on apostates.

Talmud, Choschen Ham 226, 1: Jews can keep without worrying the affairs lost by a non-Jew.

Talmud, Iore Dea 157, 2 hagah: If a Jew has the opportunity to deceive a non-Jew, he can do it.

Talmud - Babha Kama 113a: unbelievers do not benefit from the law and god has put their money at Israel's disposal.

Talmud, Schabbouth Hag. 6d: Jews can swear falsely using two-way phrases, or any other subterfuge.

Jews can kill non-Jews:

Talmud, Abhodah Zarah 4b: You can kill an unbeliever with your own hands.

Talmud, Abhodah Zarah 26b T.: Even the best of Goims should be slaughtered.

Talmud, Choschen Ham 425, 5: It is permissible to kill a non-Jew indirectly, for example, if someone who does not believe in the Torah falls into a well in which a ladder is located, he must quickly withdraw ladder.

Talmud, Bammidber Raba c 21 & Jalkut 772: Every Jew who pours the blood of unbelievers (non-Jews) is the same thing as an offering to God.

Talmud, Hilkkoth X, 1: Do not save non-Jews in danger of death.

Talmud, Hilkhoth X, 2: The baptized Jews must be put to death.

Talmud, Ialkut Simoni 245c: Spreading the blood of the wicked is a pleasing sacrifice to God.

Talmud, Iore Dea 158, 1: With regard to non-Jews who are not enemies, a Jew must not intervene to prevent them from a lethal threat.

"An Akum who is not our enemy should not be killed directly, however, he should not be protected from danger of death. For example, if you see one falling into the sea, do not pull it out of the water unless it promises to give you money. "

Talmud, Makkoth 7b: One is innocent of the unintentional murder of an Israelite, if the intention was to kill a kutim (non-Jew); just as one is innocent of the accidental killing of a man, when the intention was to slaughter an animal.

Talmud, Peashim 25a: Avoid the medical help of idolaters understood by non-Jews.

Talmud, Pesachim 49b: It is permitted to behead the Goim (non-Jews) on the day of the expiation of sins, even if it also falls on a Sabbath.

Rabbi Eliezer says: "It is permissible to slice the head of an idiot, a member of the people of the Earth (Pranaitis), that is to say, a carnal animal, a Christian, the day of the Atonement of the sins and even if that day falls on a Sabbath. "

His disciples answered, "Rabbi, you should rather say to sacrifice a Goim (non-Jew)."

But he replied: "In no way, because during a sacrifice, it is necessary to make a prayer to ask God to accept it, whereas it is not necessary to pray when you decapitate someone. 'a."

Talmud, Sanhedrin 57a: If a Jew kills a non-Jew, he will not be sentenced to death. What a Jew steals from a non-Jew, he can keep.

Talmud, Sanhedrin 58b: If a Goim (non-Jew) strikes a Jew, he must be killed, because it's like hitting God.

Talmud, Sanhedrin 59a: The Goims who seek to discover the secrets of the Law of Israel, commit a crime that claims the death penalty.

Talmud, Sepher Or Israel 177b: If a Jew kills a non-Jew, it is not a 

Talmud, Zohar I, 25a: The non-Jews must be exterminated because they are idolaters.

Talmud, Zohar I, 28b, 39a: The best places in Heaven are for those who kill idolaters.

Talmud, Zohar II, 64b: The birth rate of non-Jews must be materially diminished.

Talmud, Sepher Ikkarim III c25: It is allowed to take the body and life of a non-Jew.

Talmud, Zohar II, 43a: The Extermination of Non-Jews is a pleasing sacrifice to God.


The Kôngo Wisdom teaches this to the Adepts of Bundu dia Kongo:

- Wazola vila mu Nza yayi, vidisa ntoto miaku ye lusansu luaku.

- If you want to disappear and lose yourself in this world, lose your land and your cultural identity.

But also:

- Kutu di wufiona dia Zengi; ye vo, nkutu Zoba, mfuanda yimosi.

- One can only manipulate the one who is an imbecile; and that even an idiot, one never deceives forever.


Black man, you are not a Jew but a Goim in their eyes!

This is why you will continue to suffer because you are under the material and spiritual yoke of the Jews!


Answers from Bundu dia Kongo:

Asia and Africa were colonized by the West. Asians have sought to acquire Western Technology while keeping their LANGUAGES, their CULTURES, their GODS OF ANCESTORS, their TRADITIONAL RELIGIONS, etc ...

While the AFRICAN NEGROs sought to become BLACK SKIN WHITES by abandoning their LANGUAGES, their ANCESTORS, their CULTURES, their ANCESTRAL RELIGIONS.

Thirty-years after Independence, Asians made progress in development while AFRICA moved backwards, despite the TRIOMPHANT FRANCOPHONIE and the din of COLONIAL CHRISTIANITY.

Deported to America by Slave Merchant Europeans, Blacks sought to become BLACK SKIN WHITES trying to erase all traces of NEGRITUDE and become true parrots in the art of imitating even the manner of PLEURER and Laugh WHITE.

After more than two centuries of ATTEMPTS of BLANCHIR, blacks who are always rejected by the whites have finally let themselves rush into the void, in the NEANT.


Finally ! What a waste of time wasted in these vain attempts to BLANCHIR by rejecting its OWN CULTURAL HERITAGE, its ANCESTORS, and its RELIGIOUS TRADITION ( Bukongo, Voudu, etc ...).

While the AMERICAN BLACKS like NTUMUA MASE seek to retrieve into the ancient religious tradition of Africa; the BLACKS OF AFRICA they believe that the Key of development resides in THE COLONIAL RELIGION, in the FRANCOPHONIE, in the RENIANCE of oneself, in the fight against one's own personality, in the GLORIFICATION OF the FOREIGN FOREIGNERS, and in the IMITATION BLIND and RIDICLE of CULTURE and COLONIAL LANGUAGES.

For the Christianized Black Man, God is the others. He is the Demon. Because the Colonial Church has taught him that nothing good can come out of the head of a NEGRO.

The Christianized Black currently prefers utopias, slogans, and blind fanaticism instead of SPIRITUAL INTUITION, LOGICAL REASONING, and EVIDING FACTS ... WHITES must resonate in his place ... must believe all that his Master WHITE says ... Amen!

The BLACK has become a Specialist Ready to Wear. A slacker who expects everything from others:

- It's the others who have to think about it.

- It's the others who have to grow rice for him.

- It is the others always who must be the Messengers of God whom the BLACK is obliged to adore, even when these Messengers call him Dog!

Jesus and the Canaanite woman.

The Canaanites were blacks, all the historians who are specialists in the history of the peoples of the Middle East know it.

One day a Canaanite woman came to beg Jesus to heal her child. Jesus refuses because this woman is not from the tribe of Israel. Jesus said to the Black woman of Canaan:

I have been sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel ...

Matthew 15: 22-24

This is Jesus' answer, according to the Bible. A response full of tribalism, racism. What regionalism for a Savior we claim world!

But Jesus knew his true mission. So he only said the truth with capital V.

Yes, the Canaanites were blacks, and Jesus told the Canaanite woman that God did not send him to come and save the blacks, the Canaanites. So the Bible says that Jesus is not the savior of the blacks.

Thus, in the presence of Christianity, Apartheid has nothing to reproach itself with. Because the God of the Bible is a tribal, racist God.

Despite these harsh words of Jesus, the Black woman of Canaan continued to implore the master of Nazareth. Jesus was angry and said brutally to the Canaanite woman that:

It is not good to take the bread of the children of Israel and throw it to the dogs.

Matthew 15:26

Are you dear Jew? No ! So the Bible says you're just a dog, and Jesus was not sent for you. He is not your Savior. This is called Christian Racism. Four came five percent of racist whites from South Africa are members of the Reformed Dutch Church (Protestants). All these Whites take blacks for dogs, and call Jesus by the feudal title of: Our Lord, the Lord of the Whites.

The Christianized Black Man has become a sardine whose thinking head is still in Europe, and in Israel. This is what one gets when one persists in eating sardines without head made in the West.

The Black Intellect is a Doctor, Professor, is afraid of the REHABILITATION OF NEGRO AFRICAN LANGUAGES.

For, for a certain category of Professors (not all), remove him the Frenchman, and he has nothing left like Sciences.

The Japanese intellectual, on the other hand, will study in Western languages ​​in the West. Upon his return to Japan, he hastens to translate his Science into Japanese Language, in order to benefit his people from his scientific achievements.

The Black Pastor, the African Bishop is afraid of the AUTHENTIC TRUTH. In his strong interior, he gives reason to BUNDU DIA KONGO;

But in the Church he denigrates BUNDU DIA KONGO; for, he thinks, if the NEGRO AFRICAN RELIGION succeeds in triumphing, what will become of me?

I risk losing my lucrative position. I risk losing my position, my privileges.

Thus, for reasons of personal and selfish interests, African Pastors and Bishops sacrifice the CULTURE of a whole CONTINENT.

What lessons can these bishops give to African politicians?

The fear of the Bishops is a FALSE FEAR. Because nothing threatens their posts. They serve a Religion whose Doctrine is a mixture of Western Tradition with that of the Middle East.

Since they serve a Syncretic Doctrine, which prevents them from adding a certain African Note to all this?

BUNDU DIA KONGO is there to give them the FUNDAMENTAL and SAFE NOTIONS they need, but nothing is done. Because they are waiting for the White Bishops (their study colleagues!) To do this for them! They the Doctors in Theology!

Heaven has decided the CULTURAL REHABILITATION OF AFRICA. Those who will resist this CURRENT WILL BE SWEEPED.

While all the Bishops who will succeed in ADAPTING TO THE NEW VISION OF THE ETERNAL TRUTH WILL SURVIVE, and will maintain their rank with much more honor and glory. I know what I mean.

There are many potatoes in Kivu, but many Zairians are starving; because they have been taught to wait for everything from the outside, to wait for the potatoes coming from the West!

Yes, the Black Man sleeps, possessed by the Demon of Utopia, Mirage, Chimeras, Illusions.

Who will wake them up?

Who will exorcise it, in order to rid it of the Utopian Demon that the misunderstood religions have put into his heart?


JULY 23, 2017


Ntumua Mase Solutions:

Since my childhood, born in a family of Christian current, I studied like all the blacks the Colonial Bible made Western Christian ....

When my Creative Intelligence began to work in my head, very early I gave up this poisoned meal and went for my cultural identity because I belong to the Black Race because of my Ancestral roots.

Thus, I studied profoundly the Sacred Texts of the Ancient Black Egyptians: Texts of the Pyramids, Texts of the Sarcophagi, Book of the Exit of the Day, the Wisdom of Ptah Hotep, etc.

That is why, very young, I gave up the reading of this POISON BLANC named: THE CHRISTIAN COLONIAL BIBLE MAE WEST!

In early 2006, I became a member of Bundu dia Kongo advocated by MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI where I had access to reading many passages of the Sacred Book of Bukongo called: MAKONGO ovo MAKABA!

Its content is nothing like the Torah of the Jews and the New Testament of the Non-Jews!


But on the contrary, we are told of THE GREAT BLACK CIVILIZATIONS that had founded the Great Black Empires known as Ekipata (Egypt), Nubia (Nubia), Etiopi, Kanana (Canaan), Sumer, Akkad, Nineveh, etc. .

We are talking about the Promises that TATA NZAMBI'A MPUNGU TULENDO gave to his Elected People bearing his name: Bena ba Kongo Nimi (please Bena Israel)!


I did not read a single "curse" about the Black Race in the MAKONGO!

TRADITION KONGO teaches that in prehistoric times, BEINGS OF SPACE called BANA BA ZULU (the Sons of Heaven) came to the planet EARTH to GUIDE the HUMAN RACE in its beginnings. After completing their MISSION, these SPACE BEINGS returned from where they had come (KAKONGO).

Before leaving the planet Earth these sons of heaven had given the ancestor LUKENGO an MYSTIC STONE who had the POWER to take METAL VIL and turn it into GOLD. This MYSTIC STONE is of BLACK COLOR because the BLACK is the COLOR OF THE GREAT BEING which keeps the MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE.


That's why the BIG INITIALS say that GOD is BLACK but its MANIFEST LIGHT is WHITE COLOR.

That's why in the MARTIAL ARTS, the most advanced man who knows the most secrets wears the BLACK BELT.

That's why in the HOLY PLACE of MECCA, there is a SACRED STONE of BLACK COLOR.



That's why the SISTER BOOK of the KONGO RELIGION is called the MAKONGO because this MYSTIC BOOK contains a SPIRITUAL TRADITION that puts into practice the POWER to take the OLD MAN (base metal) and TRANSFORM it into a NEW MAN (gold ) SPIRITUALLY........

The MAKONGO begins with the creation of this GALAXIE that the ancestors KONGO called NZILA ZOMBO, elsewhere the LACTEE PATH. Then he talks about the SIRIUS SUN (NTANGU LOWA) of the creation of our SOLAR SYSTEM, of the arrival of the MOON, of the appearance of MAN on the EARTH, of the arrival of these beings of the space called BANA BA ZULU, the sons of heaven. Then he speaks of this great EVENT known to the SON OF MEN by the name of DELUGE.

The MAKONGO, then speaks abundantly of EGYPT ANTIQUE, and MIGRATIONS BLACKS OF LARGE SIZE NORTH towards the SOUTH of KATIOPA (AFRICA). After he talks about the old ZIMBABUE of the passage of BENA KONGO in the desert of KALAHARI, of the foundation of the kingdom of KONGO the KONGO DIA NTOTELA, of life in this KINGDOM before the arrival of MUNDELE (colonizers), SPIRITUAL LESSONS NGUNZA (KONGO insiders), etc.


The MAKABA Soul says this to the Adepts of Bundu dia Kongo:

- Mono Makaba: wakaba zola, ngangu ye lendo.

- I am the Makaba who gives love, light (intelligence) and power.

I therefore address to my black brothers lost in the spiritual jails of the Western-made Christian Colonial Church that the Bible is a true prison of the soul of the blacks and it is necessary to be released from its grip!

Your Ancestral God has kept his Promise by sending you one of his Sons of Divine Intelligence who came to put in writing all the Teachings of MFUMU KIMBANGU because his teachings had been diverted by the Western Christian Missionaries presenting him as a Servant of Jesus Christ. Christ!

Three times no!

MFUMU KIMBANGU is really bigger than Jesus Christ said Ntumua Mase but the whole world does not know him!

In any case, the spiritual assistant of MFUMU KIMBANGU is the Spiritual Leader of Bundu dia Kongo who is also the Holy Head of the Bantu wrote the MAKONGO!

If you are still latecomers still reading this Western-made Christian Colonial Bible is that you are still insane, manipulated, fools, said Ntumua Mase!

I hope that reading this text written by me in early 2019, will give you the Light ... Bu ntele!

- Kiadi kua bawu bavisanga kaka mambu kia manzimu

- Woes to those who always understand late.

Ntumua Mase

Note Original French Version :


LA BIBLE CONDAMNE-T-ELLE L'ESCLAVAGE ? Réponse : NON, elle l'encourage ! Pourtant les descendants des noirs christianisés de force durant les traites négrières et la colonisation continuent de proclamer haut et fort que la Bible est la Parole de Dieu. Oui mais le dieu de quel peuple ?