They present themselves before the Authorities as defenders of the Government Ideal, when in fact their real concern is to MANIPULATE the Government and push it to ELIMINATE them a COMPETITOR whom they consider DANGEROUS for the SURVIVAL OF THE COLONIAL CHURCH, AN INTOLERANT AND BLOOD CHURCH.

1. Who had YAYA VITA KIMPA killed in 1706? Catholic Church.

2. Who arrested and asked for the death penalty of MFUMU KIMBANGU in 1921? The Catholic and Protestant Church.

3. Who arrested MBUTA MATSUA and MBUTA MBUMBA in 1924? The Catholic and Protestant Church.

4. Who fought MBUTA MATAI MUANDA in 1933? The Catholic and Protestant Church.

5. Who sought the arrest of MBUTA MPADI in 1939? The Colonial Church: Catholic, Protestant, and Salvation Army.

6. Who demonized LUMUMBA in 1960? The Catholic and Protestant Church.

7. In the year 2000, who plotted and asked for the arrest of BUNDU DIA KONGO's Spiritual Leader? The Catholic and Protestant Church, of which NIAMBUDI is the Spokesperson, the coordinator of activities against NLONGI'A KONGO and its Kôngo Mystic Union.

Mission of these Evangelists Christian Wizards:

From the 15th century, the Christian missionaries were the Scouts who prepared the way of colonization. They were great spies in the service of colonization.

All that was said during the confession before the Priest was transmitted to the State Security Service, because the Christian missionaries were, and have always been, Informants of the Intelligence Services of the COLONIAL OCCIDENT.

It was necessary to control the consciences. Even our births were controlled by nuns charged with seeing the sign that was born with each child. There was a question of eliminating the Bright Souls that came to enlighten Africa. They tried to prevent the birth of NE MUANDA NSEMI. That's why his mother MAMA MPOLO NGIMBI gave birth to NE MUANDA NSEMI in a forest ... Ingeta! Ibobo, Ibobo!

The working tools of all these spies of colonization were Magic, the Bible, the name of Jesus, Alleluia, and Amen!

Today, many Magician Evangelists who come to us are preparing the ground for the new form of colonization decided by the Neocolonialist Powers.

As in the past, the instruments of work of the Evangelists are Magic, the Bible, the name of Jesus, Alleluia, and Amen!

Let no one deceive you; these Magician Evangelists do not come to us for reasons of souls' salvation.

On the contrary. They come to buy doves (souls), chain Souls, corrupt manners, support puppet regimes, alienate consciences, and fight the Messengers of God in Africa and in the World.

1 °) The Commerce of the Souls

The first category of Evangelical Wizards is that of those who come to buy souls in Africa. They come to facilitate the establishment of the new Christian Churches, Sects, and other Mystical Schools such as Francmaçonnerie, the Rose-Croix, as Counters of Soul Purchases. That's why they come; but to try to fall asleep and thus hide their true intentions, they hypnotize you by swaying Biblical verses and cries of Alleluia, Amen, in the name of Jesus!

2 °) The Luminous Soul Hunters

The second category is that of Evangelical Wizards who come on espionage missions, in search of a certain category of Luminous Souls carrying promises for Africa.

Wherever the Magician Evangelist encounters such a Soul in Africa, he attempts to chain and confuse his spiritual faculties with magical techniques of the old Western Sorcery. While you are dancing and shouting Alleluia, Amen, in the name of Jesus !, the Magician Evangelist and his Spirits are watching the crowd and trying to discover a Luminous Soul to follow in this crowd full of naive people.

3 °) Support puppet regimes

The third category is that of Evangelical Magicians who come to Africa to bring the people to sleep, to prevent it from rising up and overthrowing a puppet regime that is going through a crisis. So we come, we make a lot of Christian noise to distract the people, to prevent them from focusing on their misfortune; lest he be able to revolt, rise up, and overthrow the puppet regime blessed by the neocolonialist powers that send these neocolonialist agents disguised as Servants of Jesus Christ!

Christianity thus becomes a Religion Opium used to lull the oppressed.

4 °) Fight the Messengers of God in Africa

At every Great Turn of African history, TATA NZAMBI'A MPUNGU (= God Almighty Father) always raises Divine Messengers to awaken the Negro-African people, and lead them on the path of true Spiritual Renaissance. African negro.

Whenever the neoconialist Mages of the country see the Star of such an African Messenger in the sky, the Neo-colonialist Powers pour out many Magician Evangelists charged to come and seek this Messenger, in order to try to harm me; and to manipulate the people; in order to oppose it to this Divine Messenger, and that with the intention of defeating the mission that God entrusted to this Messenger; mission to awaken the Negro-African people, and guide them on the path of true spiritual, economic and political independence.

As for example now, NLONGI'A KONGO NE MAKANDALA NE MUANDA NSEMI is fought by these Magician Evangelists because they are seen his star shining in the Sky since his birth in Kongo Central.

5 °) Channel the African invocatory current

From the beginning of the colonial era, the Negro-African man became a slave responsible for working hard to create this abundance to which he is excluded from enjoying. It is he who must seek the wood, introduce it in the oven, and maintain the fire which is used to prepare the bread which is said to have no right to eat it.

In the religious sphere, the Negro-African man is asked to glorify the ancestors of the colonialists and to recite prayers, the beneficial effect of which benefits the foreigners by eight per cent. Thus, the very powerful African invocatory current serves to maintain this Mystic Fire which reinforces the psychic vitality of the West, Israel, etc ...

The West is sinking into the Darkness of Materialism. His religious fervor is dying out. Its invocative current has become insignificant compared to that of Africa. His religion and civilization centered on the Darkness of Matter were condemned to Heaven.

The West needs a great invocative current to vitalize it, like a patient in full blood transfusion.

Thus, for them, the African invocatory current must continue to strengthen the psychic vitality of the West. We must do everything so that the Negro-Africans can continue to address their prayers to the Ancestors of the West (the Saints), the Alps, California, Mount Thabor, the Caucasus, Lourdes, Israel, .. .etc.

This is also the reason why all kinds of Churches, Sects, Schools, Houses, Fraternities, and Evangelical Magicians, seemingly contradictory to one another, are sent to Africa; but complementary to each other, all contributing to the same goal.

Question to present all kinds of baits, so that the one who escapes to such church can fall in the traps of such school, such mystical house, such sect, such fraternity, such Evangelist, etc ...

Blacks are baptized Catholic Christians then they become Adventists ... After there are Jehovah's Witnesses ... Then they become Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Raelians ... Then they become Christians again ... All his Spiritual Houses are truly PRISONS AND SOUL OF SOULS.

Then the Neo-colonialist Powers put the package on it. They unlock millions of dollars, send millions of flyers in Africa, Bibles, Christian books, and set up Christian television channels in the service of the Evangelists Magicians responsible for curing Africa, in the name of Jesus they say!

Supported by all this, Evangelical Wizards come to Africa where they do everything to be mistaken for Prophets of God, Messengers of Christ with Wonderful Powers. In truth, they are wolves dressed in sheepskin.


A magician is able to summon spirits, to infuse them into a paralytic and to force the latter to rise and walk under the cries of Alleluia, Amen!

Water can heal you, if by drinking it, you have a FAITHFUL and INREBRABLE FATH that you will heal. In the same way, when, based on all the wonder that we have told you about such a Magician Evangelist, if you go to the Evangelism Campaign with a FAIRY FAITH that you will be healed, you can also get a TRUE HEALING, NOT by the power of the Evangelist or Jesus, but simply by the POWER of your SPIRIT, POWER triggered by your INTENSE FAITH.

A true Sage will tell you, whereas it was not me who healed you, but your OWN FAITH firm and unshakable.

Muana, minu kiaku kikuniakisi!


Too bad that after my end of his campaign, when the Magician Evangelist returns home, he withdraws his Spirits who have supported the paralytic to walk. For it is these same spirits that this Magician Evangelist will use elsewhere in his comedies of miracle healings. As soon as these spirits are withdrawn from his body, the poor paralytic collapses and resumes his former state. The ignorant say then that: This paralytic was healed and walked, but, having committed new sins, he became paralytic again!

And here is the poor paralytic who has become quite hostile and unhappy. Because he knows that everyone now takes him for a sinner saved, then rejected by God!

While it was simply the object of a great deception by a Agent of the Neocolonialism disguised as Servant of Jesus!

How does this Magic of the Evangelists operate?

Ninety percent of the so-called International Evangelists who came to Kinshasa had magical medals to give them the so-called Healing Power; because these Evangelists are convinced in their hearts that without these magical medals, they can not heal ... in the name of Jesus!


So it is WESTERN SORCERY in operation, magical medals, demons baptized by Jesus by these false prophets in search of miracles and other wonderful phenomena intended to impress the naive of any edge!

There are even some of them who come to Africa with the alleged wounds of Jesus in their hands!

The Bakongo Sages call this simple BIMPANGANZA. And these BIMPANGANZA of Jesus' wounds, even the Bapende Viellards are able to make them to you, without however saying themselves Great Evangelists!

No, Mr. Evangelists, kutu di ufiona dia zengi!

So, we are going to look for magic rings in London, Paris, or India; then we come to organize Healing Crusades Miracles in the name of .... Jesus!

This is what they call the Power of Jesus!

It is a very poor power because it has never really healed. It is the power of a small battery which discharges itself completely after having cured a single patient;

Thus, this famous Power of Jesus is unable to heal ALL Christians who are hospitalized in Mama Yemo.

Yes this false power there is unable to cure AIDS!

Have you healed all the sick at home in the West?

Do not you have paralytics at home?

How is it that you abandon your own patients and only pretend to come and heal ours?

Do you take BLACKS for your COBAYES test to test your Magic Powers?

To test the effects of your AIDS?

Let's quickly close this parenthesis.


Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza is not authorized to speak on behalf of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI unless he becomes a follower of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza has never been appointed by MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI to spread his messages!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza is not the BUNDU DIA KONGO Bulletins Officer since BUNDU DIA KONGO's only Responsible for Bulletins is: NTUMUA MASE!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza is a Berger astraying the black people in the name of JESUS ​​CHRIST seeking to advertise himself by speaking of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI by lying, by inventing stories in three dimensions!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza is a Mbua Ntantu using the Colonial Made West Bible because he does not know the MAKONGO unless he becomes a follower of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza does not know where MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI is and you are lying because MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI is alive and not dead since we have published on July 30, 2018 a new video of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI long awaited by his Disciples (Makesa mu Nzila Kôngo ).

If Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza is seeking a war, does he not know that he who returns to war against BUNDU DIA KONGO and his Anointed Chief MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI will draw upon him all the unwritten curses in the Colonial Made West Bible!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza, I give you a sage council:

- Stop making false videos by talking about MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI that you do not know!

- If you want to speak of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI in this case become a follower of MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI preaching his Word, his Messages, his Prophecies and not stupidly repeating verses biblical made West that you do not understand!

- Before talking about MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI start by reading his writings, his Kongo Dieto, or by looking at his press points because you will become intelligent and the True Holy Spirit (Muanda Velela) will visit you!

Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza, in the case of your refusal to obey my recommendations, we will go to war against you because the one who sows the wind always harvests the storm in fury!

So be careful Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza because JESUS-CHRIS will not come save you!

Your file has been transmitted to the Angels Warriors (Bisimbi bia Mvita) that you do not know because it seems that you are not without task before the Great Omnipotent Beings who are greater than Jesus Christ!

For I hear the cries and the complaints of the rebellious women who sing loudly:

- Koka, koka kekele, yâ kimbumpulu'e, mambu kanata!

MFUMU MUANDA NSEMI tells you this:

African priests and pastors!

AFRICA is the victim of a vast policy of manipulations.

Christian priests are manipulated. Pastors are handled.

Politicians are manipulated.

African Public Opinion is manipulated, disoriented, confused.

To opt for intransigence by rejecting the African Spirit of the Reconciliatory Dialogue is to fall into the traps of manipulative and ill-intentioned Partners.

AFRICA needs the Great Sages with clean and free hands, Great Souls with pure hearts and overflowing with Love of neighbor and self-denial for the sake of the greatest number.

African Pastors and Priests!

The African Negro Ancestors that BUNDU DIA KONGO advocates are your own ancestors.

Their language is your language.

Their culture is your own culture.

Thus, to fight the language and the African culture, it is to fight oneself.

Today, you do not understand anything, because you are bewitched, hypnotized, by a naive fanaticism and the defense of your selfish INTERESTS.

Tomorrow, when your eyes will open, you will regret the struggle you are fighting today against AFRICAN CULTURE, pushed and manipulated by Agents of Neocolonialism disguised as Servants of Jesus.

So, you went to exclaim all confused by saying: I see now, that BUNDU DIA KONGO is the real salvation for AFRICA!

African priests and pastors!

Wake up, dear Brothers, and hold our hands to rehabilitate AFRICAN CULTURE.

The Obstacle between you and Me is the Missionary and Foreign Manipulation of which you are victims.

Get rid of the nefarious influence of the Agents of Neocolonialism disguised as Servants of Jesus, and the obstacle between you and Me will fall.

AFRICA will win a lot, the day we will come, you and I, to hold hands in hand, and to speak together THE WORD OF POWER that will free our dear AFRICA.

1. End the Francophonie, the Lusophonie, the Anglophonie, and return to the National Language I gave to your Ancestors.

2. Stop the race for debt because you have everything in Africa, because Africa is not at all poor.

3. Stop continuing to serve the Enemy of your people, of your Race, of the international fraternity.

4. Fight falsification, anti-value, anarchic divisions, and all disorder in Creation.

Work together for Africa to rid itself of colonial borders and become more natural and harmonious.

5. Apply the Law of God in your daily life, you who in Africa talk about God. Respect His eternal Will which is Nature's Laws.

6. Fear the approaching wrath of the Gods, because the Civilizing Gods have decided the rise of Africa!

7. The God Muanda Kongo fertilized the African Earth. So, Black Africa is pregnant. Black Africa will soon give birth to her Terrible Child!

8. False Prophets will not stand before the dazzling clarity of Truth that will come from the Great Mani Kongo that will come from Heaven, Cosmos, Kakongo.

He will come to reunify his people, to liberate Africa, and to revitalize it. His star is already shining in Central Africa! He will bring the Light of Justice to the World. Bundu dia Kongo is his main instrument.

9. The eyes of the people will open. The people will see clearly. The African People will know all these Traitors of Africa, falsely called Enlightened Guides, Charismatic Leaders, Moses!

The Enemies of Africa, disguised as our great friends, as great partners, will no longer be able to hide.

10. Do you not see, O!

Dictator on the left and the right, wherever you stand, when you raise your fist against yourself?

And that it is to you that you throw your grimaces?

11. Listen to this Royal Trumpet that sounds in Heaven with power!

The law of the welfare of the greatest number comes out of the sky with power!

This law is in motion. She will visit Kongo Central, Ntimansi Union, all of Africa, and the whole world.

It is an irreversible expression of the Will of God Creator, of Divine and Eternal Justice.

The Will of this Great Law is irreversible in the Cosmos.

Thus, it will change everything, because Africa has suffered too much!

The prayer of the Righteous of Africa will soon receive its answer, said the Great God Muanda Kongo!

12. The Way of salvation is Kongolization!

Yes, Kongolisation of the Heart of Africa is the motto of the Civilizing Gods, of the Archangel of Central Africa, of the Great God Muanda Kongo, who has signed all the regions of Central Africa, since centuries, millennia.

13. The signature of the Great God Muanda Kongo is found in all the states of the Union of Ntimansi, Central Africa: Kongo, Kangu, Kuimba, Mpangala, Kubangu, Zambia, Katanga, Kasai, Tshuapa, Ubangi, Boyoma, and Greater Kivu.

14. This divine signature is called Akongo, Kongo, Lusikongo, Okongo, Tukongo, Okitakongo, Iyalakongo, Kongolo, Gikongorao, Ikongolo, Bakongola, Muanda, Mikongo, Makongo, Kakongo, etc.

15. Kongolize the Heart of Africa is to liberate, spiritualize, harmonize, organize and manage it according to the Plan and the Divine Instructions revealed by NE MUANDA KONGO to the Great Nabi Kôngo, during the Foundation of the Kingdom of Kongo, which is the Kingdom of God on Earth.

16. Love, Intelligence, Power.

Nsaku, Mpanzu, Nzinga: Tubunda mpandu, ka tuvambudi mpandu ko.


Nlongi'a Kongo Ne Makandala

Kongo Fundamentalist Leader

Head of Bundu Dia Kongo

Mfumu'a Nlongo wa Katiopa Diakati

Ntumua Mase

Mfumu at Zikua Madinina Bundu at Kongo mu Amelika

Responsible for Newsletters BDK ye BDM

President of the Committee of Elders of the Americas

Note: Ntumua Mase salutes Fire of the Heart Mue Hogu Batala for his work and his vigilance!

Matondo mamingi Mbuta Mansueki Milandu for this traduction english language for my answer to the Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza !

On the other hand, all the people who broadcast the parody of Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza are excluded from my contacts!

Either you are BDK Friends or BDK Enemies!

In any case, we can only MANIPULATE the IMBECILES says wisdom Kôngo!

Stop asking me to authenticate video of the MBA ZA NTANTU such as that of Pastor Jacques Makela Dinabanza are declared: MBUA ZA NTANTU .... Bu ntele!