Japan was technological late on the Occident. When the Enlightened Leaders of Japan decided to make up for this lost time, as true experts, they did not make the SERIOUS ERROR to give up their LANGUAGE, their ANCESTORS, their CULTURE, their LOCAL GENIUSES, their GODS, therefore their ANCESTRAL RELIGION.

And see what JAPAN quickly became on the technical plan and civilization! JAPAN is presented today in the form of a model of a country which succeeded in harmoniously marrying modern of High technology with the ANCESTRAL TRADITION of the Yellow world.

In thirty-four years of independence, the African Political Leader made a SERIOUS ERROR to give up his LANGUAGE, his HISTORY, his ANCESTORS, his CULTURE, his ANCESTRAL GOD, his LOCAL GENIUSES thus his AUTHENTIC RELIGION AFRICAN NEGROS!

BUNDU DIA KONGO is a powerful CULTURAL GROUP which preaches the cultural rehabilitation of Africa. 



The BUKONGO, in other words KONGO FUNDAMENTALISM, is the Heart of the authenticity and the right relations between the various creatures of the great Kongo dia Mbumba (= universe). The BUKONGO preaches the Unit in diversity, and diversity in the complementary, which makes the richness and the beauty of the universe.

To use only the African Languages in our meetings, teaching, the drafting of the books, in short, in all the circumstances of our life day laborer, it is to apply the philosophy of Kôngo Fundamentalism in the linguistic field.

To manufacture drugs containing the medicinal herbs of the African Negros world, it is to apply the philosophy of Kôngo Fundamentalism in the pharmaceutical domain.

To set up an architecture adapted to the climate of our country, it is to apply the philosophy of Kôngo Fundamentalism in the field of the building and public works.

To set up a food program which leads us to be nourished only with our local products, it is to apply the philosophy of Kôngo Fundamentalism in the food domain.

To set up Worship where one speaks only about the African Negros Ancestors, the Geniuses, the African Gods, and where one gives to the members a morals of life drawn from the inheritance cultural African Negros, it is to apply the philosophy of Kôngo Fundamentalism in the religious domain.

Fundamentalism must be applied in all the fields of our national life.

When I had set up Bundu Dia Kongo charged to promote NZILA KONGO, the BUKONGO thus the African Culture, I had received several letters of contempt and insults coming from the Christians fanatics who insulted me and of me they launched slogans such as:

I love Jesus, and Jesus is not African Negros. Without Jesus, there is no salvation. Lower the Authenticity. Live up the tie. The African Negros Culture is of devilish origin!

All their theories and offenses are extracted in manuals of the Colonial Church.


What it is understood for the Colonial Church?

The Colonial Church is all Church that supports colonialism, the Neocolonialism, apartheid, and the alienation of the African Negros man.

The Colonial Church in Africa is the great School which trains specialists in art to sabotage our Authenticity. 

Any person who diffuses an unspecified idea which stretches to disinterest the African Negros man of his Culture, this person makes part in the operation of Sabotage of the Cultural Specificity African Negros. 

When the Colonial Church said that the African Negros Culture is of devilish origin, this Church makes part in the operation of Sabotage of our own Personality.

The conscience of African Negros youth is poisoned by erroneous theories of Colonial Church. Thus for this youth, the CULTURAL REHABILITATION OF AFRICA will remain a Theory in the air, if all the erroneous theories of the Colonial Church are not refuted rigorously.

To refute the principal theories of the Colonial Church, in order to release the conscience of African Negros youth, such is the objective of this book which I call SABOTEURS OF THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

The trouble is that the Occident had used certain verses of the Bible to support Colonization, apartheid, and the alienation of the African Negros man. Thus, currently, it became impossible to release the African Negros man without attacking a certain badly interpreted Bible.

Personally, I have much respect for Jesus, Nsaku Ne Vunda, Buddha, and all the Lights of the World. I am not an enemy of the Bible, the Koran, the Makaba, Nihongi, Bagavad Gita, or of any sacred book of the world. Only, in my thought, there is a great difference between the Bible itself, and what I call a certain Badly Interpreted Bible.


Nlongi'a Kongo Ne Makandala

Fundamentalist chief Kongo

Kinshasa, 03-05-1988




To make of the black man a being without clean personality, the Colonial Church qualified the African Negros Culture of devilish and that in order to convince African Negros to turn aside from its Ancestors and of its Culture. Thus, the same truth is qualified of divine or devilish, according to whether it is discovered by a White or a Black man.

1°) When a White discovers medicinal herbs, the colonizer says that he is a Scientist, a great Neophyte. But, when a Black discovers the same medicinal herbs, the Colonial Church said that he is a Wizard. 

2°) When an old African Negros man inclines and kisses the ground, the Colonial Church said that he is a Wizard, but when the Pope arrived in Kinshasa, inclines and kisses the Zairian ground, and then they say of him that he is a servant of God.

3°) When Mr. François d' Assise cures the patients, the Colonial Church said that he is a Saint; but when the Archbishop of Lusaka, Archbishop Milingo (a Zambian) did the same thing, the White Journalists called him the Wizard Archbishop. 

 4°) Prepared to leave this world, Jesus gave to eat to its disciples the human meat and human blood. Will you accept all that and qualify Jesus of Son of God, of great Neophyte. But if an old African Negros man dares to do the same thing, then the Colonial Church says that he is a Wizard. 

5°) When Moses manipulates the primordial energy and orders the lightning, the say that he is a Neophyte. But, when an old African Negros orders the same lightning, the say of him that he is a Wizard. 

6°) When King Solomon of Jerusalem marries nine hundred women, they say that he is a man of God. But, when they learned that King Nzinga Nkuwu, in Mbanza Kongo, has three women, the Colonial Church said that he is Pagan, Heathen one. 

7°) a certain girl, Agar, goes the search of employment in Abraham’s house, He engages her. After a certain time, Abraham knocks up this girl. After having been confined, Abraham gets along with his wife to lay off this girl and to drive her out on their premises. What is the difference between this behavior of Abraham and that of many nowadays’ young people, who knock up the girls, and that we qualify of the hooligans? If Abraham were an old African Negros man, will you going to accept that he is called a man of God? 

8°) King David desires somebody else’s wife, makes adultery with her, and kills the husband of this woman. If he is a Head of Negros African State who did that, would the Colonial Church accept to call him a man of God?

9°) A psalm is a hymn, a song. In many of his psalms, King Solomon of Jerusalem did nothing but speaking about thighs of women, their pretty chests, and of what excites the prostitution.

It is said that King Solomon is great man of God.

What is the difference between the songs of King Solomon and those of Yulu Mabiala and Tabu Ley who like also many women?

Will you accept that they can go to sing in your Church the song which says that Ngalula mipende ya milangi? It is however what the King Solomon sang, and all that is written in this book that the colonizer taught you to call the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

10°) the Colonial Church said that the African Negros Ancestors adored biteke (idols, statues). However, when we look in the Bible, we see that there too Moses had used a statue of copper snake, to save the Jews in danger.

Everywhere where the Roman Catholic Church is established, there are always many statues: of the Virgin Mary and consort. The Protestants prefer this statue which one calls the cross of Jesus. This cross can be in wood, metal, or ink. Go to Asia and you will see statues of the Lord Buddha, Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu.

When African Negros uses the biteki (statues), the Colonial Church said that it is the Devil. The same the biteki used by the White, becomes the Word of God. 

11°) For the Colonial Church, the Black color is the color of the Devil and not advanced man. The Japanese say that the Black color is the color of the greatest development. Thus, in Martial arts, the most advanced man is called Black belt. In the holy place of Mecqua (Islam) there is a stone of Black color…

12°) The Colonial Church having succeeded in establishing the dislike of the African Negros Culture in the conscience of African Negros Christianized, try to talk about the African Negros Ancestors to this Negros Christianized, and they will say to you with contempt: Leave me quiet with these stories of the Ancestors! ….

Thus the alienated African religiously despite his Ancestors and adores Abraham, Isaac, Jacob! This poor Christian cannot even understand that famous Abraham is also an Ancestor, an Ancestor of the Whites.    

13°) To reinforce the contempt of the Black man towards the skin that God gave him, the Colonizer manufactured the soap ambi and introduced the imported Hair into all the African Negros countries.

14°) In the whole world, the Wise ones were accustomed to speaking by using proverbs. When they speak about the proverbs which the White used, they call that: word of God. But when one wants to speak about the proverbs that use Wise African Negros, then the Colonial Church calls that: carnal Things.

15°) When Jesus asks the Independence of Israel from the Westerners who killed him, this business is called the Word God. But when Mbuta Kimbangu speaks about Independence of the Black Race and that the Westerners imprisoned him until dying in prison, this business is called: History of Kongo

16°) God gave a language to each people. According to the will of God, the names which must carry the races must come from the language that God gave to these people.

Thus, myself I am called Muanda Nsemi, in the Kikongo language, Muanda wants to say the Spirit, while Nsemi means the Creator. Muanda Nsemi wants to say: the Creative Spirit. Here is a very divine name! But the Colonial Church had come to teach to the African Negros that God only knows the names originating in the language from the White. Thus whoever is called Tadi (in the plural Matadi) carries a diabolic name, while that whoever is called Pierre, Stone,  carries a divine name, whereas translated into our language, Stone says Tadi, in other words Limanha. They are not serious!   

We will be considered as serious the day that all African Negros will manage to Africanize the names of the people, the countries, the cities, the rivers, and all. This day will be the day of a great defeat for the Colonial Church.  

17°) In 1921, when the Kôngo neophytes cured the patients by laying on of hands, the Colonial Church qualified this act of diabolic. Today, the Colonial Church changed opinion. Even the Roman Catholic Church starts today to practice spiritual cures. They call that the Charismatic Revival!

18°) Yesterday, the Priests of the Colonial Church said that to be in fright (tuntuka, zakama) is a diabolic act. Today, tuntuka and zakama became currency, even in the Roman Catholic Church.

The God of Christians must undoubtedly be a versatile being who changes opinion constantly… 

19°) Yesterday, the Colonial Church said that they cannot use the ngoma (the tom-tom) African in the Church, because it is a diabolic instrument which the Negros use in their dances. Meanwhile, the piano and the guitar which the White uses in their Night Clubs are always used in the Church…. 

20°) Today, the Colonial Church changed opinion. The rehabilitated African ngoma resounds everywhere in the middle of Africa, even in the Roman Catholic Church!

 21°) When the White says that the ngoma is not good for the Church, the Christianized Negros answers: Yes, it is not at all good! When the White changes opinion and says that the ngoma is a good instrument which can be used to glorify God, then the Christianized Negros changes also opinion and answers: Yes it is a very good instrument.




A Prophet rises to Israel, it is called Jesus Christ. He gives his message to the lost ewes of the house of Israel.

Jesus dies in year 33. The Spirit of the Christ goes down on her followers and orders to them to diffuse its message to the Middle-East, to jump Africa, and going to install it in Europe where this message will remain confined for more than thousand and four hundred years. 

Arrived at the fifteenth century, the Occident goes in search of wealth of the world. Thus they came to invade Africa while bringing their Religion as Religion of the Colonizer and main instrument of work for the cultural colonization the of African Negros world. 

Thus, at the fifteenth century, the Invader comes to Africa and begins his work of spoliation. Prophets and other Nationalists arise and mobilize the people to fight the Invader. The Colonizer uses then all the means to divert the Africans of their Ancestors, their Gods, their languages, therefore their Culture, and to replace there the Colonial Religion and the Worship of the Culture of the colonizer. 

At the sixteenth century, Africa starts to bubble. Thus the Priests of the Colonial Religion use all the means to convince the African believers not to fight colonization. They ask them to endure all the injustices, because JESUS COMES SOON to establish the Paradise on the Earth. The African Believers accept, they cross their arms, and start to wait and hope by looking at times to time the sky to see whether Jesus does not come. In front of all the sufferings due to the injustices of the colonial regimen, they say to the African believers that:

At the time of the end, the life will be very difficult. Jesus already prophesied it.  We are at the time of the end.

Happy to those who are crying, because they will be comforted. Happy the poor, because the kingdom of heavens belongs to them.

Thus they arrive at the seventeenth century, then eighteenth century, Jesus still does not come. Africa becomes very poor, because its basement gorged with the colossal wealth passed under the control of the Invader who becomes very rich to the detriment of the Africans that they succeeded in deadening, due to some biblical verses. 

In the nineteenth century, Africa starts again to be agitated. The Colonial Church retakes rumors that JESUS COMES SOON…

The faithful Africans of the Colonial Church started to await Jesus until in 1885, the informed them that the Colonial powers divided Africa with the Conference of Berlin…

Around the years 1950, when Africa had returned to be agitated, the Colonial Church told the African believers to pay attention not to lose their souls and to go in hell eternal, because JESUS COMES SOON, very soon to establish the Paradise on Earth. Rise with all these sweet talks, the Enlightened Africans entered the fight, in accordance with the plan of God for the Restoration of Africa. Around 1960, as crown of their efforts blessed by God, Africa entered the era of the first Independence.

Meanwhile, the Believers alienated by the opium of the Colonial Church continued to await Jesus who would come in 1975, and they affirmed with force and arrogance that 1975 will not pass, Jesus Christ will be there to establish the terrestrial paradise.

Today, we are in 1988, Jesus therefore did not come, but the word Magic JESUS COMES SOON always resounds and continues to make victims in Africa.

Noble Africans, the hour of the truth sounded in the whole world. Let us go from the front one, because any truth which the colonizer ridiculed in Africa will be rehabilitated soon. Sorcery soon will change definition.


In 1971, the Portuguese had just made slaughters in Angola. Receiving this notice, my heart was invaded by an anger of a cruel intensity. I took three shirts and two pants, I put them in a Plastic bag and I set way to deliver them to somebody at Kintambu who was charged to deliver them to the Angolan refugees in lower part of Zaire. 

Arrived towards Cosbaki, I meet a former Angolan friend with whom we had in 1970 the desire for going to the maquis in Angola to fight the Portuguese. I told him about the slaughters and the needs of intensifying the armed struggle in Angola. This friend, who was in impetuous time like a lion, smiled me like a tired sheep and said,

My dear friend, I always like Angola my country, but I do not see the need of going to fight, because JESUS COMES SOON. I became an announcer of the Word of God, and I know that from now to 1975, Angola will not have time to be independent that Jesus will already be there to restore the kingdom of God on the Earth, and then what good is it to go to fight…

I had openly said to him that Jesus will not come in 1975. With that he answered that I am a society man. I tried to make think, but in vain. He was firmly convinced that 1975 will not pass, Jesus will be there.

Arrived in 1975, Angola obtains its independence, but Jesus did not come. Today, this friend works in independent Angola where he occupies an important rank that he could not occupy without the independence of Angola.


In 1974, while I was a Physical & Chemistry teacher at the Adventist College, I had the occasion to notice that many children of Witnesses of Jehovah failed the school by negligence. Having question to one of these children, he answered:

Why do I have to worry to learn all these difficult things that you teach to us, when I know that the next year Jesus will come to transform us into Scientists in a wink, when he comes to restore the Paradise on this Earth…?

I tried to make these children understand but in vain. Fanatics, they were firmly convinced that 1975 will not pass, Jesus will come. They finally failed the school, in spite of their potential talents.

Last year (1987), I met one of these former students in Maman Yemo hospital. Became unemployed, this time, this poor young man gave me the reason and regretted having neglected his studies because of Jesus who did not hold his promise in 1975…         


A certain Witness of Jehovah had a basic house in Bandalungua Street (Kinshasa). Arrived in 1974, he decided to sell this house saying:

Next year, Jesus will come to restore the Terrestrial Paradise. All the malicious ones will be killed. We other Witnesses of Jehovah will be the only survivors; thus all the beautiful villas of Macampagne will be for us. Thus I prefer to sell my house and satisfy my immediate needs with this money. There are only a few months that I will rent, and Jesus will already be there…

We tried to make him to reflect, but in vain, as much he was convinced that 1975 will not pass. After the year 1975, the price of the rent being seriously complicated in Kinshasa, the poor fellow started to regret his house, because Jesus who should come SOON had not come. Afflicted, for him at least, left the Association of Witnesses of Jehovah which he qualifies now as liars.

While in Africa the fanatic believers neglected their studies, their houses sold, and did not want to engage any more in the national liberation war, in South Africa, in Namibia, in Angola, in Australia, in short in the world, the Occident continued to make the war of imperialism. In the United States in this year 1975, the American Witnesses of Jehovah continued to pile up the money of sales of the publications and to build gigantic buildings in Brooklyn, New York…

  Kutu di ufiona dia zengi!

  The ear you’ve cleaned is of rude!

Those who brought us the Bible continue to killing our black brothers in Australia, South Africa, and Namibia!

While they say to us to take the Bible, they themselves take weapons.

While they preach us charity, they themselves make racism, apartheid and terrorism. Yes, those who are against the independence of Namibia are not Communists, but Christians of the occident who talk to us all the time about Jesus.

In South Africa, the White Christians do everything to hide to the Blacks the trade secrets of the engines, the planes, the drugs, and of all that gives power to people. While they hide all that, they publish millions of Bibles and Courses Biblical which they distribute to the Blacks…

Let us reflect a little bit. If the White knew that the Bible is able to give to the Blacks the force and the power which will enable them to release them from the colonial yoke, believe that the Occident who makes racism in South Africa will allowed giving these Biblical Courses to the Blacks?


If the Africans stare at the wealth of their countries, they will become jealous of this wealth and will be ready to take the weapons to prevent the robbers from coming to take them. Thus, it is necessary to use all the means to deaden African Negros and to prevent them from thinking of its richness’s. Then an alternative of the Colonial Church arrives and requires to our children to look to the sky and to sing while dancing:

Biloko nionso ekotikala              (Everything will stay

Na mokili oyo                        in this world

Nkolo Yesu kumisama                  lord Jesus be praised

Aleluya!                             Alleluia!)

But, let us reflect a little bit. The Creator God knew that to live happy on this planet Land which he gave to the men, it is necessary that has iron, gold, diamond, cobalt, oil, fruits to be eaten, and all kinds of biloko (Things).

Thus, before creating the man, The Mbumba God (Creator) places already all these biloko (Things) in the ground. He sends then the man to come to take possession of the planet Land, knowing that all is to make happiness to the man, since they seek and work. Instead of enjoying these gifts which the Mbumba God placed in the African basement, the Colonial Church comes with its biblical verses which say that: Happy the poor, because the kingdom of heavens belongs to them….

Thus, the Colonial Church comes to introduce into the conscience of African Negros the idea to ignore these goods. Meanwhile, day and night, boats come to Africa and return to Occident charged with all these biloko nionso ekotikala na mokili oyo… (All these Things which will stay on this Earth)….

And then? Well, after they say that Africa is a poor continent, while the Occident is rich. Whereas, this entire billions which are in the Occidentals’ banks comes from Africa.


At the moment the New Testament was written, they said that the disciples of Jesus were not going yet to finish evangelizing all the towns of Samaria, Jesus would be already of return.

It already made more than nineteen centuries since all the cities of Samaria are evangelized, however the Christians continue to wait the return of Jesus. I do not say that Jesus will not return. He will return, if such is the will of who sent him. Because any man goes and returns. The true question is that to know if the Christians who wait for him are able to recognize him, when he returns. Because he will be able to always come from the most unexpected manner for them, to come to do his work in a different way from what they think…

1°) The first time, Jesus came and was born of a woman, like everyone. Today, your Church taught you that this time he will go down from the sky on board a parachute, with his commando of warlike Angels, which will help him to make bloodiest Coup d’état of the History! …, since your Church says that he will come to reverse all the Heads of States of the world, kill them, and take the power, because Jesus makes a point of coming to make the politics on this planet Land.

If Jesus Christ decides not to come from this way, will you be able to recognize him?

Do not forget that your Church had already told you that Jesus comes in 1975. Did you see him? Did he come? Did your Church lie?

Possible that Jesus certainly came in 1975, but you did not recognize him, because he did not come in the way in which you waited ….

2°) Your Church told you that Jesus, with patents of General of the Army Forces, comes to smash those who disturb World-wide Peace, and thus to inaugurate the kingdom of peace on this Earth of the men. However, even the Extraterrestrial ones know it, and often say it, that they are the Occident who disturbs the Peace on the Planet Land. If Jesus comes, and starts to threaten the Occident’s, will they recognize him? Won't they say that he is Integrant? 

3°) The Colonial Church taught to its African Negros believers that Jesus comes for everyone. In this case, if Jesus decided to come to be born in Africa Negros, what will do the Occident racists? Will they recognize it with their apartheid? Will they accept a Black Messiah?

4°) If Jesus decides to come to be born in Occident, what will say the Communists, Muslim Iranians, the Africans and the Asian who currently fight to perfect their independence? Won't they take these activities for camouflaged operations of the Occident Imperialism?

Then how will he come, Jesus the Master?

5°) If Jesus came to reappear in Israel, the Palestinians and many of Arabs will take him for a Zionist, but then a Zionist to fight under the screams of Allah Akbar! 

When Jesus came for the first time, his country was colonized by Occident’s who killed him. Before that, its disciples knew that Jesus will drive out the Occident colonialists, to become King of Jews, to form a government with Peter as Prime Minister, and Judas Iscariot as Finance Minister. The day before his death, Jesus prophesies the destruction of Israel, but promises to his disciples that he will return, and in that time the State of Israel will be restored by him.

In 1948, the State of Israel was restored. By whom? I do not know, though I know very well! Praise David Ben Gourion, by the way Jesus? It is with you to answer.



Let us enter the Bible now, not to disparage its message, but to try to understand it better and thus to appreciate the Bible with its right value, because the Kôngo God is a God of truth.


An Antichrist is any person, any Church, which gives an opposed teaching to the one of Jesus Christ. To give to Jesus another mission than his really mission, it is to act as true Antichrist. Then let us see now who is Jesus, and which is his true mission on ground. Who is the antichrist?


1°) The testimony of astrologers.

The Bible says: After Jesus had been born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, look! Astrologers from eastern parts came to Jerusalem, saying: “Where is the one born king of the Jews? For we saw his star [when we were] in the east,

                                     Matthew 2: 1-2

The Bible told us here that the star that the astrologers saw is not the star of the Savior of the World, but rather the star of the Savior of a tribe of the Middle-East, the star of the King of the tribe of Jews.

You and I, dear Reader, we are not Jews, because we are African Negros. 

2°) Jesus and the Phoenician woman.

Phoenician were Blacks, All the historians specialists in the history of the people of the Middle-East people know it.

One day a Phoenician woman beseeched Jesus so that he can go to cure his child. Jesus refuses because this woman is not tribe of Israel. Jesus called to the Black woman of Canaan:

“I was not sent forth to any but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”…                                    

Mathew 15: 22-24

Here is Jesus’ answer, according to the Bible. An answer with full of tribalism, racism. What a regionalism for a Savior claimed world-wide!

However Jesus knew his true mission. Thus he said only the Truth with capital T.

Yes Phoenicians were Blacks and Jesus told the Phoenician woman that God did not send him to save the Blacks, Phoenicians. Thus the Bible says that Jesus is not the savior of Blacks.

Thus, in the presence of Christianity, Apartheid does not have anything to be accused. Because the God of the Bible is tribal, a racist God.

3°) The bread of Israel children. 

In spite of these hard words of Jesus, the Black woman of Phoenician continued to beg the Master of Nazareth. Jesus was annoyed and brutally answered that:

“It is not right to take the bread of the children and throw it to little dogs.”

Mathew 15: 26 

Are you a Jews dear reader? No! Then the Bible says that you are only a little dog, and Jesus was not sent for you. He is not your Savior. That’s what is called the Christian Racism. Height five percents White men racists in South Africa are members of the Reformed Dutch Church (of the Protestants). All these Whites take the Blacks for dogs, and call Jesus by the feudal title of: Our Lord, the Lord of the Whites.

4°) Jesus in Jerusalem.

Mbanza Kôngo is the capital of the Kôngo Kingdom. This city is built on the mount Kôngo dia Ntotela, the mount Lemba and the Nkayila mount.

Jerusalem is the capital of the Kingdom of Israel. This city is built on the Zion mount.

One day, Jesus on an ass enters Jerusalem in festival. The Bible says:

“TELL the daughter of Zion, ‘Look! Your King is coming to you, mild-tempered, and mounted upon an ass,”

                                    Mathew 21: 4-5

Here also the Bible says clearly that Jesus did not come to save all the races of the world, but to be the King of the Zionists, the King of the Jews.

We other African Negros we are not Jews. Thus, any person preaches to the Negros that Jesus is our Lord, is an Antichrist, because he is against the true teachings of Jesus, the Savior of the Jews.

5°) Hosanna to the son of David.

One of the Kings the most famous Jews is King David. While entering Jerusalem, the Bible says that crowds glorified Jesus saying:

                     Hosanna to the son of David!                           

                                     Mathew 21: 9

To acclaim Jesus saying: hosanna the son of David, it is to say to Jesus that glory to you the new King of Jews. 

6°) Sow what you received

Jesus chooses twelve disciples. He gave them a new teaching. After having assimilated it, he sent them to preach the people to whom he was sent. The Bible says:

Jesus sent to them after their having given the following instructions: “Do not go off into the road of the foreigners, and do not enter into a Samaritan city; but, instead, go continually to the lost sheep of the house of Israel  

                                     Mathew 10: 5-7

Why Jesus has prohibited to his disciples to do not go to those who are not Jews?

Answer: Because Jesus knew it very well that God had only sent him to be the savior of the lost cheeps of the house of Israel. The secret Doctrines of the occident world say that all Occidental are descendants of the lost cheeps of the house of Israel. Jesus is thus their Savior.

Thus, after having evangelized the lands of Israel to the Middle-East, the Spirit of Christ ordered to take Christianity DIRECTLY into Occident, in Europe. It was no question to giving this message to the Blacks of Africa, who are however geographically very close to the country of Israel.

The only country of Africa the Christianity was sent is Ethiopia where the descendants of King Solomon with the Queen Mankenda Saba resided.

Except Ethiopia, Christianity went straight to Occident where it remained confined for centuries.

At the fifteenth century, the Portuguese arrived at the Kingdom of Kongo armed with the Bible and Weapons. It is in this way that Christianity was brought in Central Africa, as Religion of the Colonizer.

“… Evangelize, evangelize for better colonizing…” they said in Europe.

Divert the Blacks of the way of their Ancestors. Lead them to adore our Ancestors who will not listen to them…”

To convince colonized to accept the Colonial Christianity, they FALSIFIED the Bible by adding false verses saying that Jesus had asked them to go in the whole world to make everyone his disciples.

7°) Jesus to the court.

Jesus was arrested. The Bible says that to the court Jesus appeared in front of the Roman governor, Pilate, who questioned him in these terms:

Are you the King of the Jews? Jesus answered: You say it well

                                     Mathew 27: 11

Here also we saw that Jesus does not say that he is the King of African Negros. Because he affirms that he is the King of the Jews.

8°) Jesus and THE Soldiers.

Always answering the question of knowing who Jesus is, the Bible says:

Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the governor’s palace and gathered the whole body of troops together to him, they draped him with a scarlet cloak. And they braided a crown out of thorns and put it on his head and a reed in his right hand. And, kneeling before him, they made fun of him, saying: “Good day, you King of the Jews!”

                                     Mathew 27: 28-29

9°) For whom Jesus died for?

The Bible says: Jesus was crucified. To indicate the reason of his death, they posted above his head the charge against him, in writing: “This is Jesus the King of the Jews.”                                  

Mathew 27: 36-37

Thus, according to the Bible, Jesus died for his people, the Jews, and Not for the African Negros and consort.

In Israel, whoever transgressed the crowned Law was killed lapidated (killed with stones).

At the African Negros, in the Kongo Kingdom, the transgressor of the crowned Law was buried alive at the market.

In the Roman Empire, the transgressor of the Political Laws of Rome had like capital punishment on the pole, degenerated into cross. Rome having colonized Israel, Jesus died crucifies.

Here is the Truth, the really truth supported by biblical verses. The Bible was not written by me. I do nothing but read it. Because it is written this, in the Bible: Probe the Writings.     

Thus, let us continue to probe the Bible, in order to best know and appreciate it with its right value.

10°) Jesus and cemeteries.

1. Moses is the father of the independence of the Israel people, colonized by the Blacks by the old Egypt. After his death, he was buried on a certain mountain which was known only large Israeli Neophytes. Jesus knew where the cemetery of Moses was.

Tormented by the difficulties of his mission, Jesus decided to speak in front of the tomb of the father of independence about the Israeli people. He went, accompanied secretly there only with three of his disciples in whom he had more confidence. There he called his Ancestors.

In answer to his invocation, two Ancestors of the Israeli people, Moses and Elijah, advised to him.  

                                     Luke 9: 28-30

A son of God that goes to the cemetery to contact his Ancestors! Here is the truth.

2. Gethsemane is the name of a place where the Jews buried their deaths. When this land was full of tomb, they planted trees which pushed and transformed this place into true forest. And it is in this cemetery that Jesus liked to go to ask for (to pray) with his disciples, yes in the cemetery.

                                     Mathew 26: 30-45

When Jesus goes to request into the cemetery, the Colonial Religion said that he is a son of God, while when a Wise African Negros goes to speak to the Ancestors in the cemetery; the Colonial Religion said that it is a Wizard, a Pagan!

 11°) The Only son of God?

The African Negros Culture teaches that the man is a spiritual Being (a Spirit) dressed in a carnal body. The spiritual Being comes from God, while the carnal body comes from the land. God is Esprit. However, the Spirit of God lives in the body of the man. Thus, any man is son of God.

Therefore, you, I, and Jesus all of us are sons of God.

Reason why Jesus said to his disciples: My Father is your Father, my God is your God.                                   

John 20: 16-17

That is why, we do not have to pray saying: The Father of Jesus who is in the heavens, because we must say OUR FATHER who is in the heavens.

                                     Mathew 6: 9-13

Thus, any religion that teaches that Jesus is the Only Son of God teaches a lie worthy of an Antichrist. It is false Christian doctrine.




The God Mbumba has created the man with his image. The physical world is made with the image of the spiritual world.

Each organized country has a Chief surrounded by his ministers and a hierarchy of collaborators charged to apply the general policy of the country to all the levels.    

The organization of a country is made with the image of the model whose God Mbumba organized his creation. Because, after having created the universe, the God Mbumba had trusted his creation to Higher Spirits to whom he had given the mission of directing the evolution of the universe…. In accordance to the great plan traced by him. Thus, there exists in charge of each star, of each planet, each continent, each country a Great Spirit surrounded by his collaborators charged to supervise the evolution of the part of the universe that was entrusted to them.

They are Simbi, the Geniuses sidereal, the Angels, and the Spirits of nature… etc

There are Superiors Spirits who deal with each reign: mineral, plant, animal, human, and spiritual.

Each reign of nature is subdivided in several under groups placed under the supervision of different Geniuses from Nature.

Thus, for the human race also, in the head of each tribe, there is a Great Genius of Nature, surrounded by a whole hierarchy of collaborators charged to supervise the Spiritual evolution and material of this tribe.

Each Angel in the past had brought his tribe into its promised land, where he had inspired to the leaders of this tribe to create a Kingdom equipped with a government, which is the reflex on the physical level of its own invisible government.

Thus was born the Kingdom from Kongo, the Kingdom of Israel, the Empire of Japan… etc 


For the BUKONGO, the Supreme Being is a Trinitarian God who takes the following names: Ne Mbumba, Ne Kôngo Kaluga, and Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu.

Except this Supreme Being, Single and Trinitarian, Lord of the universe, the BUKONGO speaks a lot about a certain very powerful Archangel, who takes the name of Ne Muanda Kôngo. The Greats Nabi Kôngo’s know that it is the Archangel Ne Muanda Kôngo who had inspired the creation of the Kingdom of Kongo.

This Archangel has a plan which includes the entire world Black Race, and the second solar system. Because, in the second solar system, the Archangel Ne Muanda Kôngo is the representative of the second person of the Trinity (Ne Kôngo Kalunga) on the Earth.  He is the spirit of Wisdom of Great God Akongo, say the Great Nabi Kôngo (=Les Grand’s Neophytes.)


The God Kôngo Kalunga is the Great Supreme God of the universe, while its Angels are secondary Gods, intended to carry out his will in the universe, his creation.

Who is the God of Israel?

The Bible says:

1°) And Moses became a shepherd of the flock of Jethro, the priest of Midian, whose son-in-law he was. While he was driving the flock to the west side of the wilderness, he came at length to the mountain of the [true] God, to Horeb. Then Jehovah’s angel appeared to him in a flame of fire

                                     Exodus 3: 1-2

                     Who appeared to Moses?

Answer: The Bible says that it is not Creative God himself who appeared in Moses, but rather an Angel, therefore secondary God.

2°) the Bible continues saying: The Angel called to Moses: I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

                                     Exodus 3: 4-6

In the first quoted verse, we saw that Moses saw an Angel.

In the second passage, this Angel told Moses that he is the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob. (= Israel).

An Angel who says he’s God, is thus secondary God.

Thus, the God Israel is the name of the Angel who appeared to Moses on the Horeb mount and ordered to him to go to deliver the children Israel from Egypt.

This Angel is called Yahweh Israel, and it is this Angel who gave his name to Jacob, then to the country of Jews.

God of Israel is not the Supreme Akongo itself, but rather a Genius, Simbi, an Angel, the Angel of the people of Israel, Jealous God.

This Angel has a plan which includes all the Occident Race.

3°) This Angel talked to Moses: Go, gathers the old ones of Israel, and tell them that God of your Ancestors appeared to me…

                                     Exodus 3: 16-17

Since this time, it has been with this Angel that Moses thought whenever he spoke about Yahweh God of Israel.

Thus, to adore Yahweh, or Jehovah, is to adore the Supervisory Angel of the Israel people, it is thus to give up the Angel of his own nation and going to adore the Angel of a foreign nation. That’s what is called to adore foreign God, and thus to ridicule the Source of your Cultural Identity, because the Angel of your nation is the Genius who is at the base of the specific Culture of your nation.

The Angel given to people is the Heart of these people. The Culture is the expression of the Heart of people, who’s the language, is the principal vehicle.

The Culture is a life style. The true religion is also a life style. Thus, the religion is a culture.

The Religion of the Cultural Specificity is a Culture in conformity with the standards of the Genius of our people, in large Kongo dia Mbumba (=l' universe).

4°) To the people of Israel, Moses said: It could be a prophet, or your brother, your wife, your husband, your loved friend, whoever should try to allure you to serve foreign Gods that our Ancestors did not serve, some of the gods of the peoples who are all around YOU, the ones near you or those far away from you, from one end of the land to the other end of the land, you must not accede to his wish or listen to him, do not feel sorry of him, but you should kill him with stones. Because he wants to encourage you to give up Yahweh your God who made you leave Egypt…

                                     Deuteronomy 13: 6-10

Today Africa is full of people working day and night to incite African Negros to adore Foreign Gods, Gods that our Ancestors did not adore. Thus, these people work to move away African Negros in the way of the African Specificity Cultural.

They are numerous in Africa Negros, working day and night to encourage African Negros to give up their natural languages, their skin, their hair, their Spirit Community, and adopt the foreign languages, the use of soap to change the skin, the imported hair, and the ideologies non conformity with the Heart of the African Negros people.

It is all of these I call the sabotage of our own African Personality.


The various tribes of the planet are similar to distinct plants intended to produce a variety of the flowers, different ones to the others, but complementary in their manner of expressing the divine beauty. For that, each tribe must continue to develop in accordance to the plan that the supervisory Genius of this tribe is holder.

See how the diversity of flowers in Nature is source of beauty and joy!

This natural beauty is fully expressed only when each species of Nature got loose in accordance with its own Genius.

What would become the world if all the plants of our forests became palm trees all of them? And if all metals became all lead?  The disaster enters in the Nature from the time that the plant intended to produce pink flowers, wants to suppress the expression of its own Nature and set to imitate all the plant to white flowers.

A creature that refuses to express in accordance with its Genius, while starting to imitate blindness the Genius of others, creates a conflict between the expression of its own Genius and that of loan.

It becomes the battlefield of an interior conflict that makes it a hybrid product, unable to express neither its own Nature fully, nor that of loan, becoming thus a poor being rejected on both sides, and that what the Kôngo Wise calls mpuku mu nuni. (a rat in a bird = bat).

The same Truth that the God Mbumba intends to the people of the land is initially received by the Angel of each people, who color this Unique truth of the particular note that his people are charged to express. After that, this Angel chooses somebody among these people to whom he entrust this revelation and gives him the necessary faculties and the mission of inking this truth in the conscience of the Nation. This man becomes a Ntumua (Messenger) who will have to present accounts to the Angel of the nation, who will then present his accounts to the Conclave of the continent and planet Angels… etc Thus since highest antiquity, the Single Truth come from the great God Kôngo Kalunga (Akongo) descended on this ground, generating different cultures, various religions adapted to the Genius of each people, in accordance with the mission of these people. Thus was born the Initiatory Kôngo Tradition, the Buddhist Religion, the Islamic religion, the Jewish Religion with its paralytic child called Christian Religion.

The angel of a nation is the great Supervisor of the business of this nation. This higher Spirit knows the origin, the past, the present, and the future of his people, and can reveal it to his Ntumua (Messenger) in this nation.

That’s why it is impossible to make a disappearance of a History from people who are attached to God of his Ancestors.

The Angel of the Israel people said to Moses: When you die, behind you, the children of Israel will rise to go to follow foreign Gods. This time, my anger will ignite on them. I will give them up and I will hide my face to them. They thus will sink in great difficulties, but I will let them suffer because of foreign Gods whom they will start to follow.

                                     Deuteronomy 31: 16-18

This verse says clearly that the given Angel of people does not like that his people gives up the Cultural Model that it gave them to follow the one that another Angel gave to his people.

Leave the circle of the Genius Cultural of the others and to return into our own Genius Cultural, that’s what we call in Zaire the Return to the Authenticity, of which the BUKONGO is the Heart of the Authenticity.

The Authenticity does not want to say the limitation to oneself. Because the BUKONGO encourages the man to be initially oneself, to know and living initially his own Culture, before willing to know other Cultures.  

The BUKONGO encourages the man to live his Culture and recognizing the right of the others to live their own Culture.

The BUKONGO preaches the unit in diversity, diversity in the complementarily.

Thus, the BUKONGO is the love, freedom, balance, and harmonizes in which generates the manifestation of the beauty divine in the universe.

Who says
BUKONGO known as right relations between the men and the various creatures of large Kongo dia Mbumba (= universe).

That’s why I said that BUKONGO equal Reality and simplification. Yes, the BUKONGO equal radiation and harmonization in the Vibration of Cosmos, of the great Kongo dia Mbumba (= universe).


A sentence of article 17 of the Republic of Zaire’s Constitution says that the Republic of Zaire does not have a Religion of State.

This is at the same time true and false. It is true in the sense that we all know, and it is false because the Republic of Zaire effectively has a Religion of State which is called the Fundamentalism Religion of Kôngo. That is scientifically true, because the Culture is a lifestyle. The true religion is a lifestyle. Bukôngo is also a lifestyle.

Thus, the BUKONGO is a Culture, therefore a religion, the true Initiatory Religion of the World-wide BLACK RACE.

The Jewish Religion is the expression of the Cultural Identity of the Jewish people. It is the lifestyle that the Angel of the tribe of Israel had given to his people.  

The African Negros Religion, Bukôngo is the expression of the Cultural Identity of African the Negros people. It is the lifestyle that the Gods (Angels) had given African to the Negros people.

In the Jewish Religion speaks about God, the Angels, and the Ancestors of Jewish people.

In the BUKONGO African Negros speaks about God, of the Geniuses (of the Angels), and of the Ancestors.

Moses is the first Astrologer who had started writing to codify the Jewish Religion and to give an ordered structure to this one.

Work to codify the authentic African Negros Religion is the main axis work that we lead in Bundu dia Kongo and that for the glory of the Ideal of greats Nabi Kôngo.

Japan has its own Culture, very different from the American Culture, however Japan is a friend of America.

The Culture of Vietnam is different from the Culture of Russia; however Vietnam and Russia are great friends.

Saudi Arabia has as religion Islam, America has Christianity. They have two different religions; however America and Saudi Arabia are allies, great friends.

The Islam that praises Saudi Arabia, teaches that Jesus is a little prophet, because the Great Prophet it is Mohamed. In spite of this contrary teachings with Christianity, the friendship between America and Saudi Arabia remain.

Japan has an initiatory Religion (Mahikari) which teaches that the Japanese Prophet, Kotama Okada, is greater than Jesus. In spite of that, the friendship between Japan and America remain.

The Philosophy of Kôngo Fundamentalism came from the Supervisory Angels of Africa. Thus the Christian Occident risks inserting it in a dead end, if it looks to fight, as in the past, those who are for the African Negros Authenticity. It is not wise, and it is sought unnecessarily to lose Strong Friends in the African Negros world. Because the Kôngo Fundamentalism is the Will of the Gods.

They are men and the Gods who make the history, but the men only have the before last word, because the Gods have the last word to say.



To take the African Negros man to give up his Culture and to convert to the religion of the colonizer, the Colonial Church started to teach that:

1°) The Negros Ancestors are demons, and all of what Africa possesses as languages, religions, habits, and traditions, all of that are diabolic inspiration.

2°) While the White men, their Ancestors, cultures, Bible, their homosexuality, their languages, their pornography are from a divine origin.

After several centuries of colonization, all these erroneous theories ended up badly alienating the Christianized Negros and to give them a complex of inferiority and a certain dislike to all that touches their Culture and their Ancestors.

Ashamed themselves, certain Christianized Negros started to scrape the skin with the soap ambi to try to bleach, but in vain. They accepted the contempt of their native languages and were damaged in art to imitate even the way of laughing and of crying of the white, but in vain.

They did everything to try to copy the manners of the white, thus thinking to accept by them, in spite of that, Occident racism and apartheid always remain.

They agreed to lose their Land, and the Moon that had promised to them remains inaccessible.

Poor Negros, they are sinking in the vacuum! Yes, all these vain attempts, trying to erase his own Culture and to imitate the White led Christianized in the dead end, in the vacuum where it currently struggles, completely confused.

To save these Negros and to recover them, it is necessary to demystify the Bible and to break all erroneous theories of the Colonial Church, and then gradually the alienated Negros will be released and been ready to reconsider their cultural past with interest and begin the way of the African Negros Identity Cultural.


The Colonial Church teaches that the Bible is the Word of God, because those who had written this Book had written it under the dictation of the Holy Spirit. But when we read the Bible, we find serious errors in, which are such as any normal man, cannot allot them to God. Here is an example:

One day, Jesus was close to the town of Jericho with his disciples. He met a blind man or two blind men.

1°) Luke wrote that it is when Jesus entered the town of Jericho (Luke 18:35 - 43), while Mathew and Mark wrote that he met the two blind men when Jesus left the town of Jericho.

                                     Mathew  20:29 - 34  

                                     Mark    10:46 - 52

2°) According to Mathew, there were two blind men in front of the door of Jericho, but Mark and Luke say that there was one blind man

Here is my first question: How the same Spirit of God dictates to Luke to write that it is when Jesus entered have to be contradicting by himself dictating to Mark and to Mathew that it is when he left?

My second question is: The same Spirit of God gives the dictation to three people. How come that this Spirit of God says to Mathew that there were two blind men, while to Mark and Luke this same Spirit says that there was only one blind man?

Are two blind men equal to a blind man?

For you from the Colonial Church, there is not any difference between one and two, between the verb to go out and to enter?

Who has instructed to write all these abominable faults in the Bible, is it the Spirit of God?


When he was on earth, Jesus was often saying that any man is a Son of God. That’s what he told to those who were looking for him in the cemetery that: My Father is your Father, my God is your God…

                                     John 20: 16-17 

After Jesus’ death, Paul deforms his teaching and starts preaching that God has ONLY ONE SON, who is Jesus…

                                    Hebrews 1:1 - 3

- Between the teachings of Paul that opposes the teaching of Jesus, which one should we follow?

- Why the Holy Spirit who guided Paul didn't take him to say the same thing as the Holy Spirit that guided Jesus Christ?

- How many Holy Spirit is there in fact?

- Are you really sure, that it is the Holy Spirit who is responsible of all these contradictions?


When he was about to die, Jesus said to one of the evildoer that was crucified with him: today you will be with me in the Paradise…

Jesus did not say that when you die, you will become a dust, and in the day of the last judgment I will resurrect you and will enter with you to the Paradise.

Not, Jesus said this: Today, you will be with me in the Paradise.

After the death of Jesus, Paul deformed his teaching and started to preach that: Deaths are like deadened people. They do not know anything, until Jesus comes to resurrect deaths the day of the last judgment.

                                     I Thessalonica 4:13 - 17

Thus, here also, regarding the deaths, there is a contradiction between Paul and Jesus, Paul and the African Negros belief. Because for Jesus and African Negros, deaths did not die, while for Paul, deaths do not exist any more since they became dust of the ground.

Talking about Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus said: Lazarus died, and he was carried off by the Angels in the bosom (position) of Abraham. The rich person also died, and was buried. And in Hades he lifted up his eyes, he existing in torments, and he saw Abraham afar off and Lazarus in the bosom [position] with him. So he called and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in anguish in this blazing fire

                                     Luke 16: 19-25

Thus, we see that according to Jesus, deaths are alive and acting in the spiritual world. While, according to Paul, deaths become dust.


One day, Jesus drove out the salesmen in the temple of Jerusalem

The spirit of God (?) who guided John told him to write that Jesus had done that at the beginning of his prophetic career.

                                     John 2: 15

The spirit of God (?) who guided Mark and Luke told them: No, Jesus had driven out the salesmen of the temple at the time of his last rise in Jerusalem, therefore at the end of his prophetic career.

                                     Mark 11: 15

                                     Luke 19: 45

The Spirit of Great God Nzambi'a Mpungu is never contradicted, thus we really do not manage to swallow this pill of Biblical Contradictions which they would like to take us to believe that it is God’s work.

It is a very serious insult to claim that the Spirit of God is an inconsistency and Argumentativeness.

A Perfect God cannot be the Author of a Book full of contradictions and inconsistencies.


According to Paul, the love is patient, the love is never annoyed, and the love forgives any transgression.

                                     I Corinthian 13: 4-7

In Mathew 21: 12-13, we see that in front of the abominations of the priests in the temple of Jerusalem, Jesus did not have patience, did not forgive, he was annoyed and started to thrash them.

After that, Paul came and started to preach that Jesus is the Love of god!


In several passages of his teaching, Paul often said words of animosity towards the red wine (alcoholic beverage), while when he was alive, the first miracle of Jesus was the transformation of water into red wine.

                                    John 2:1 - 12

Thus, Paul prohibits the consumption of the red wine, while Jesus took water, and transformed into red wine, and gave people for drinking… 


In the Bible, Paul says that none is saved by works, but only by the faith in Jesus Christ.                                 

Romans 3: 27-28

In the same Bible, Jacques says that salvation lies in good works. Thus, too, faith, if it does not have works, is dead in itself.

                                     James 2: 17

It is thus a contradiction between Paul and James, both appears guided by the same Spirit of God!

A Spirit of God that speaks by contradicting itself?


In the Bible, we read that before Jesus’ birth, the angel Gabriel had come to announce this news.

Mathew says that the angel Gabriel had come to speak to Joseph

                                     Mathew 1: 20-21

Luke says: No, the angel Gabriel had come to announce this news to Mary.

                                     Luc 3: 23-38

All this contradictions in the Bible are what the Colonial Church calls the Word of God.

Mathew says that the angel Gabriel told Joseph that your wife will give birth to a son; you will give him the name of Jesus.

Afterwards, Mathew adds: All this actually came about for that to be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through his prophet, saying: “Look! The virgin will become pregnant and will give birth to a son, and they will call his name Immanuel,”

                                     Mathew 1: 22-23

Here are three questions:

1. What’s the name they will give to the child that will be born?

Answer: Yahweh, God of Israel, says: he will be called Emmanuel

2. Who sent the angel Gabriel to Joseph?

Answer: It is certainly Yahweh, God of Israel who sent him so that he can give to Joseph the important name to give to the child.

3. What is this name?

Answer: Mathew says that the angel Gabriel said, the child will be called Jesus.

Hold, it is not Emmanuel any more? Now it is Jesus?

However, in his hole life, Jesus was never been called Emmanuel!

There is thus a confusion of prophecies here.

Emmanuel, Samuel, Daniel, Michel, Gabriel, all these names which end in EL (God) feel the Middle-East.

But the names which finish by US feel Latin of Rome: Brutus, Regulus, Ignatus, Romilus, Jesus, Fabilus… etc

Thus, Jesus, isn't he a Roman priest (of Sun God) Christianized? Fable or reality?  


One day, a man came and says to Jesus: Hello good Master!

Jesus answered: Why do you qualify me as good? Nobody is good, except God…

                                     Mark 10: 17-18

According to this passage of the Bible, Jesus says that he is not the Creative God himself, as is accustomed teaching by the Colonial Church.

Jesus refuses to be qualified of good, because he knew that he had also his defects as a man.

After the death of Jesus, apostles full with overzealousness started to deform the Truth and present to us their imaginary Jesus, perfect, without sins, good, savior of the world, and Creative God himself. Way! Thus, wavuna, vioka. (Never! Tried to bypass)


During his life, Jesus taught to his disciples that John Baptist is the reincarnation of Ely the prophet. 

                                     Mathew 11: 7-15

This proves that Jesus knew that they are the men who die hereon the earth who come to reborn.

After the death of Jesus, Paul deformed this teaching of Jesus Christ and started to preach that: The man dies only once, after he becomes dust of land that will wait the Day of the last judgment, where this dust will be reanimated and will leave the tomb. 

                                    Hebrews 9: 27-28

Here also thus, the Holy Spirit that guided Paul is not able to get along with the one guided Jesus.

How many Holy Spirit do you have in the Colonial Church?


The Colonial Church teaches to the African Negros that in the past, only Israel knew the really God. But the Bible says that at the time of Job, there was nobody in all East and the Middle-East who was greater than Job in front of God.

However Job was not a Jew, he was not an Israeli. Because Job was a citizen of the Uts country, where he was born, he lived his whole life, practicing the Religion of Uts which had made him very wise and very pleasant in front of God.

                                     Job 1: 1

This shows the high spirituality of the Uts Religion. Thus, it is not only Israel knew the true God. Everywhere in the world, the men of all the regions always knew and adored true God according to their specific Culture.


Regarding the judgment of Jesus after his arrest, reading the Bible, we see that there is no agreement between what the Spirit of God (?) had dictated to Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

A Spirit of God that is unable, for the same topic, to dictate the same thing to four writers! Do you realize?

According to Mathew 26: 59 and Mark 14: 53 the Sanhedrin, for the judgment of Jesus, meets immediately after his arrest, the same night, then the next morning. Mark 15: 1.

Luke protests and says that this meeting had taken place the first day of Passover. Luke 22: 66.

John comes to upset all that while saying that the supreme court of Israel does not meet after the arrest of Jesus, because the court already had pronounced a death sentence for Jesus the day of the resurrection of Lazarus.

                                     John 11: 47-54

- Between the teaching of Paul who opposes the teaching of Jesus, which one should do we follow?

- Why the Holy Spirit that guided Paul didn't bring him to say the same thing as the Holy Spirit that guided Jesus Christ?

What a contradictions! And to say that there are people supporting that all these contradictions are the work of God, of the Spirit of God!

That’s all these biblical contradictions that the Colonial Church calls the word of God. It is in the name of this contradictory Word that they incite African Negros youth to ignore its Culture and going to stick fanatically to the Bible.

To claim that all the faults contained in the Bible are the work of God is to insult God seriously. It is to sin against the Holy Spirit.


1. Mary, Jesus’ mother, did not believe in the rumors according to that the pregnancy of Jesus did not come from Joseph her husband.

2. The brothers of Jesus had one day come to ask for a miracle that would help them to believe in him. Jesus could not make this miracle.                             

Thus, Marie and her other children entered the group of whose did not believe in a Jesus.

                                    Mark 3: 31-35

3. The inhabitants of Nazareth blasphemed Jesus and did not believe in him, because Jesus had not been able to make the miracles that they had asked him

Luke 4: 16-30

4. One day, the scribes came to look for Jesus so that he makes a miracle that will lead them to believe in him. Jesus could not make this it.

                                     Mathew 12: 38-39

5. Another day, the Pharisees and the Sadducees requested miracles from Jesus who could not do them.

                                     Mathew 16: 1-4

6. Nailed on the post, the crowd began making fun of Jesus: if you are the Son of God, make a miracle that will deliver you out of the cross, but Jesus had not made this miracle.

                                     Mathew 27: 38-42

Then who are the people who saw all miracles of Jesus, which the Colonial Church speaks to us?

                     Nsi kuayenda ko zulu diabua,

                     Says the Wise Kôngo


Islam teaches that Jesus was a minor prophet compared to great Prophet Mohamed, the Prophet of Allah.

Mahikari teaches the inferiority of the mission of Jesus compared to the great Japanese’s Prophet, Kotama Okada.

Etienne, the first Christian martyr, did not tremble in front of death, while Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane, was afraid and perspired by requesting: Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass away from me

                                     Mathew 26: 38-39

Comparing Etienne and Jesus from the Self-control point of view, which is a great spiritual quality.

For the self-control point of view, Etienne is higher than Jesus?

Misused by a great mirage (of the dreams), many African Negros alienated by the Colonial Church believe that Jesus was a great prophet, popular, and known of everyone in Jerusalem. However, he was not so. Jesus was not popular.

Thus, the day of his arrest, in the whole Jerusalem, did find even one soldier who knew him. That’s why Judas agreed to go together with them and instructed them that the one I will kiss is that Jesus of Nazareth…

Mathew 21: 48-49

Honestly Jesus was a marshy Ngunza (Prophet) like our Ngunza of Mpeve Yanlongo. Neither more nor less. I said.


After five centuries under the propaganda of the Colonial Church, many Africans Negros accepted Jesus as their Savior, because his/her brother Jewish did not accept him, because they took him for a joker, the Bible continues until today to repeating that: Jesus had come to his (the Jews), but they did not accept him…

                                     John 1: 11

You the African Negros who accepted Jesus, aren’t you thus his?

Whereas what worth are all these slogans: Nayambi ye, Ngai nabala Yeso, (I received him, I’m married to Jesus) since he isn't yours?


One day, Jesus taught to his disciples how to pray. He gave them the famous prayer calls Our Father. 

The Colonial Church told us that after Jesus’ death, the Holy Spirit came to dictate this prayer to Mathew, Luke… etc  

Dictating this prayer to Mathew, the Holy Spirit (?) said:

1.   Our Father in the heavens

2.   Let your name be sanctified

3.   Let your kingdom comes

4.   Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth

5.   Give us today our bread for this day

6.   And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors

7.   And do not bring us into temptation

8.   But deliver us from the wicked one

9.   Because yours is the kingdom, and the power, and glory, forever. Amen.

Mathew 6: 9-13

Dictating this same prayer of Jesus to Luke, the Holy Spirit (?) said:

1.   Father, let your name be sanctified

2.   Let your kingdom come

3.   Give us our bread for the day according to the day’s requirement

4.   And forgive us our sins

5.   for we ourselves also forgive everyone that is in debt to us

6.   And do not bring us into temptation. Amen.

Luke 11: 2-4

Thus, by comparing the prayer that the Spirit of God (?) had given Luke and Mathew, we notice that words do not clash exactly. And that’s where our disappointment is, because for a work done by the Spirit of true God, we expected much more perfection. However the Bible is honestly a skimped book. Who is the author of this contradictory Book? God?

It is an insult to the Omniscient Spirit of the Great God Nzambi'a Mpungu Tulendo. 

In the Bible, James says that God does not try anybody. God does not induce anybody in temptation. Because only Satan the Devil tries the man.

                                     James 1: 13.

However in ours Father, there is a line of this prayer which says that: Do not induce us in temptation.

My question is as follow: To who is addressed this word, this prayer? To Satan the Devil who is the great Tempter?


The Bible says to us that God decided to destroy the town of Sodom and Gomorra because of the prostitution.                                   

Genesis 18: 23-33

                                          Genesis 19: 4-9

But before destroying these two cities, Abraham meant himself with Yahweh to save Lot that was known as just and not soiled.

Thus, before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, they sent Lot out and his daughters, who went to hide in the mountains of the surroundings.

Where they had to hide, the first night, Lot had sexual relations with his first daughter and becomes pregnant of him. After Lot had sexual relations with his second daughter, and becomes pregnant of him!

To try to bleach Lot, the Colonial Church claims that Lot had done it under the effect of drink. Thus he did not know what he had done.

This argument does not hold upright, because the sexual organ of the man cannot rectify and penetrate in the body of a woman without the will of the man himself.

There is a Kôngo proverb which says that: If somebody insults you when he is drunk, that’s for a long time that he cultivated this thought to insult you.

The single conclusion to take is that Lot was worse than those who had been destroyed in Sodom and Gomorra.

They are the stories of the prostitution of Lot with his own daughters whom the Colonial Religion came to teach to the Negros to call: Word of God!


In the Kôngo tradition, it is strictly interdict to a son-in-low to have sexual relationships with his mother-in-law, or a father-in-law with his daughter-in-law. Because indeed, the MAKABA says:

Tina buko bonso butinuanga nioka.

(Run away from your in-low as we run when a serpent)

In the Bible, we have Judah who had had sexual relationships with Tamar, the woman of his son.

                                     Genesis 38: 1-30

Here is the Word of God contained in the Bible, which they dare to call the Holy Bible. It is a low-level of holiness. In other words, it’s Christianity without Christ. The Bible says that Jesus came down from this line of the prostitutes Ancestry!


The BUKONGO teaches that God created several races on the earth: The Blacks, the White, the Yellows, Reds… etc.  Each race has its original Ancestors.

Thus the Blacks are the descendants of Nzala Mpandu and Nkenge Lufuma. The Whites are the descendants of Adam and Eve, while the Yellows are the descendants of Izanagi and Izanami.

The Colonial Church came to Africa and started to indoctrinate African Negros in saying that all the races result from Adam and Eve who were White.

However since the creation of the world until our days, we never saw a White man coupled with a white woman and giving birth to a Black man. This was never seen.

The Bible says: Adam and Eve reflect in the world two children: Cain and Abel. After having killed his brother, Caïn left the country of his parents and went away far from the country of the North where he met another race of men. And it is in this race that he found the woman that he married.

                                     Genesis 4: 16-17

This verse of the Bible has just given reason to the NZILA KONGO which teaches that the Yellows and the Blacks are not descendants of Adam and Eve.


The Bible speaks about the appearance of Jesus after his death.

As always, there is divergence between the writings of Mathew, John, and Luke.

The Spirit of God (?) said to Mathew to write that Jesus appeared only in Galilee.

                                     Mathew 28: 16-17

The Spirit of God (?) dictating to Luke told him: Not, Jesus appeared only on the road of Emmaus and in Jerusalem.

                                     Luke 20: 19-29

The same Spirit of God (?) will say to John that Jesus appeared only at the edge of the Lake Tiberias.

                                     John 21: 1

Who saw him? Nobody from other people except his dedicated fanatics, his disciples.


Jesus had begun his mission at the thirty years age; he died at the age of thirty-three years. He was thus a young man, and not an old man. Compare the thirty year old young person with the old man whom this alleged photograph (drawing) of Jesus represents that they came to sell to you…

I have pity of you, because you became an open man to all the long stories. No matter who comes to tell you anything, and you believe.

But when they want to speak to you about your Ancestors, about the African Negros Culture, about the Authenticity, then you become being wary, you hesitate, doubts, you give questions.

When it’s about the African Negros Culture, you become very strong to make critical analyzes, but as soon as they say Bible, your critical spirit is paralyzed, because over there, it is the Word of God.     Wavuna, vioka. (You’ve tried to bypass)


We saw that the Bible is full of contradictory writings. We said that the Spirit of the Great God Nzambi'a Mpungu cannot be responsible for all these faults. It is necessary for us thus to say what is the origin of the faults we meets in the Bible.

In the Bible, Luke says: Several people having undertaken to compose an account of the events which were achieved among us, following what those TRANSMITTED to US who were Eyewitnesses as of the beginning and became Ministers for the Word, it also seemed to me good after having made research exact on all these things since their origin to expose them to you in writing followed manner, my dear Theophilus…

Luke 1: 1-3

This text of the Bible says clearly that it’s not the Holy Spirit who dictated to Luke what he wrote. Because Luke says well that what he has writing is the fruit of its research from the eyewitnesses. They are thus testimonies of men gathered and writings per Luke what the Colonial Church calls the Word of God.

If an African raised today, made research, gathers all testimonies of the Religious Tradition of the African Negros and writes these testimonies in a Book, will you agree to call that the Word of God?

If so, then your place is in Bundu dia Kongo, because Bundu dia Kongo currently works to gather, write the Religious Tradition of the African Negros, and to try it out in its workshops of application.

In short, Luke helped us to understand that the Bible is a Book like others. It contains Truths and Falsenesses.


Come with me, my dear friend. Let us enter in this room. Look at the bottom of this part. Look at this Old man sitting beside crowned fire, he speaks.

He takes an object similar to a bone and throws it to fire, he speaks.

He takes some scented leaves and throws them to producing fire of the smoke that goes up to the sky, he speaks.

He puts palm wine in a small water-bottle, pours a part on the ground and drinks the remainder. He speaks.

He poses his two hands by ground, He speaks.

Days and nights, he is there to call upon God to attract his blessings on the Kingdom of Kôngo. On his mouth the Name of Ne Kôngo Kalunga resounds, Ne Mbumba, Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu the Trinitarian God of BENA KONGO.

                     Who is this man?

It is Mfumu Nsaku Ne Vunda, the Great Priest of the old Temple of Mbanza Kongo, that the Occident’s missionaries taught you to call the African Wizard … 

Come my dear friend; enter now this old Temple of Jerusalem. Look at this Old man sitting beside fire. Sometimes he is upright, sometimes he sat beside the fire, but he speaks.

It takes a sheep; he kills it and puts the meat at fire. He speaks.

He takes incense and throws it to the producing fire and smoke full of odor. He Speaks.

He takes a red wine, pours a party at side and drinks the remainder. He speaks.

He inclines and kisses the ground. He speaks.

He asks to God the blessing of the Kingdom of Israel. On his mouth the name of Yahweh, God of the Tribe of Israel…

In his crowned ministry, the Great Priest of Mbanza Kongo uses the word, fire, the palm wine, and nine cola nuts (makazu vua).

The Great Priest of Jerusalem uses the word, fire, the red wine, and the bread.

Hold, were they thus Wizard also, these Israeli Priests who were going to prepare Kamundele (Barbecue) in the Temple of Jerusalem! Do you agree?





In the intention to lead African Negros to ignore the God of their Ancestors, and thus to convert them to the Colonial Christianity, the occident missionaries started to disparage the African Gods and qualify them of wizards.

Thus, in his dictionary Kikongo-French, which contains many errors, the Swedish missionary, Karl Laman, from S.M.F, wrote:

1º) Kôngo: is the name of a very powerful Witchcraft.

2º) Mpungu: is a powerful Witchcraft

3º) Mbumba: is a powerful Witchcraft.

Where Karl Laman says Witchcraft, put God. Because, indeed, NZILA KONGO teaches that God has several attributes, who’s the three principal ones are Lendo (power), Zola (love), and Ngangu (intelligence).


1º) When God appears as a Creative intelligence, his names Nzambi'a Mbumba (Creative God). Thus, Mfumu Nsaku Vunda said:

Ne Mbumba wawumba Zulu ye ntoto.

2º) When he appears as Love and a Wisdom which keeps and protects the universe creates, God names Ne Kôngo Kalunga.

By his Love which fills the entire universe, this God is everywhere. He is in all and with the top of all. He is the Light which shone in the middle of any thing.

Thus, Mfumu Nsaku Vunda said:

     Ne Kongo Kalunga walungila mu babo ye biabio

3º) when God appears as Being who governs the universe, he names Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu, God the Father very powerful.

Thus, Karl Laman should write:

- Ne Kongo Kalunga:  Omnipresent God

- Ne Mbumba:         Omniscient God

- Ne Mpungu:         Omnipotent God

All three are One, because they are only the first three attributes of the same God who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.

The eagle is the symbol of Ne Mpungu, who is God as being that, governs the universe.

With time, any instrument which was used to get to the man some Power was ended up to be called of mpungu, by the people.

In the same way, the Eagle which is the symbol of the power of God Mpungu Tulendo ended up being called mpungu, in the old Kikongo language.

Until now, the eagle says mpungu in the language of Batabua in Katanga, which adores the Great God of and call him by Kabezia Mpungu.



In 1921, the great Prophet Kimbangu rises. He expresses a great Power. He speaks in the name of Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu, and prophesies the release of the Black Race World-wide.

The Belgians arrested him, condemned him to death and life, and locked him up in a dungeon of Lubumbashi (Katanga, Shaba) by two thousand kilometers of Kongo Central (current Low-Zaire), his native area all bubbling. After him, Kongo Central continues to bubble.

In 1933, the disciples of Mfumu Kimbangu had held an assembly in a forest of Northern Manianga (Mongo Luwala) under the direction of Mbuta Matai Muanda. When the prayer reached the paroxysm, the Great Neophyte Matai Muanda shouted aloud saying:

                     Mfumu' eto, Mfumu' eto

                      Wiza wasiamisa nlongoki miaku!

                     Our Lord, our Lord

                     Come to sanctify your disciples!

Two thousand kilometers from there, in his dungeon of Lubumbashi, Mfumu Kimbangu heard the call and decided to answer it.

Suddenly, a luminous cloud was formed in the top of the assembly of the disciples brought together in the forest. A fine rain started to fall, and then they saw a big Eagle (mpungu) in the cloud. The Eagle went down, posed in the middle of the assembly, and transformed itself into a man: The lord Kimbangu, Grand Messenger of Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu!

He congratulated Mbuta Matai Muanda for his uprightness and his zeal with work, and then he blesses the assistance and disappeared in a wink.

NZILA KONGO teaches that before the colonial time, during the foundation of the Kôngo Kingdom:


1º) The Eagle appeared, when the great Messenger Makaba rose in Kongo dia Mpangala.

2º) The Eagle appeared, when the great Messenger Kodi Puanga rose in Kongo dia Kuimba.     

3º) The Eagle appeared, when the great Messenger Mbakala Nzondo rose in Kongo dia Luangu.        

4º) Nine Eagles appeared in the sky, when the Archangel Ne Muanda Kongo went down on the mountain of Kongo dia Ntotela, the Nkumba mount.

5º) After the colonization, the Eagle still goes to appear at the time of Mama Vita Kimpa in 1702, and of Mfumu Kimbangu in 1921, and of…!

Here are some of the Great Figures of the Prophetic line Kôngo.



Your work is to divert the Negros from the way of their Ancestors and lead them to adore our Ancestors who will not listen to them, said a great Belgian Personality, at the time colonial.

Evangelize, evangelize for better colonizing, said another Personality of colonial Europe.

But how may it be that the Africans were misled thus during centuries?

1º) Because, hypnotized by the teaching of the Colonial Church, they turned the back on the Messengers that sent the ARCHANGEL OF KONGO to them to go to adore foreign Gods who did not listen to them.

The Priests of the Colonial Church arrive to Africa; they alienate a given generation which starts to follow the Colonial Religion with eagerness. But, since they do not obtain anything valid in all that, towards old age, this generation feels the vacuum and is put to be discouraged. Immediately, the Colonial Church ignores these old men who became unable to take the weapons and fight to release Africa. It then centers its attention on their children, these thus who are able to take the weapons to fight.

Certain discouraged old men then try to retain their children in order to prevent them from sinking in the same vacuum, BUT, believing to be more enlightened than their parents, these young people refuse. Because they are convinced that with this Christian Religion they soon will become Prophets, scientists, mysterious ones who will go to the sky, just like believed it the adults who are tired today of all these sweet talks.

Thus, in this way, generations top generations had been left themselves precipitated in the same vacuum, where their predecessors had finished their miserable life.

At the time to die, they see a Devil (= a priest wizard) of the Colonial Church comes to shows up to them with the aspect of Jesus who comes to take them and bring them to the sky, thus they make testimonies.

But, once arrived at the World of Deaths, they could not see this Jesus any more, and meet the Ministers of the Invisible Government and the Angel of their nation who qualify them cowards, culprits, and send them in prison escorted by warlike angels.

After several years in prison, they releases them and sending them to come to reappear in order to come to compensate for their errors of the past. Some arrive to make it, but others return to fail for several lives, because the Colonial Religion is a true snake that can changes skin and arise in several different forms.

In this decisive time of the African History, the Colonial Religion, under all its alternatives, currently works with average multiples by thousand.

2º) a first Sect of the Colonial Church comes to stress such verse which attracts crowd sufficiently. When the people start to get tired and want to ignore all that, another Sect of the Colonial religion leaves the Occident and comes to Africa to come to stress another biblical verse which will captivate the spirits and will keep the believers in the same nets of the Colonial Church. Thus, some came to stress the Sabbath, the others on the Holy Spirit; in the fact of speaking in languages, on the Jesus comes soon, over the alleged time of end… etc  

3º) When the African Invisible Government raises a true Messenger to light the people, by its magic, the Colonial Church produces several noisy false prophets in order to choke the voice of Justice and to embarrass the people by leading them more to do not know whom to follow.

The true Messenger of the Great God, Tata Nzambi'a Mpungu, is a man who walks in the way of Justice, of Truth, and who wants the safety of Africa in all the plans.

The False prophet is a hypocrite who superficially defends the Interests of Africa, but in-depth is a defender of the Erroneous Theses of the Enemy of Africa from whom he has the responsibility to diffuse the Erroneous Theories, in order to alienate the conscience of the African Negros man and to have him hate the way of Kôngo fundamentalism.    

4º) In the years 1930, when they died of hunger in China, the Chinese Christians said that: it is normal, because we are at the time of the End foreseen by Jesus.

When Mao Tsetung created abundance alimentary program in China and that the hunger does not exist any more, the Chinese do not speak on the time of the End foreseen by Jesus…



The Culture is a lifestyle. The true Religion is a lifestyle. The Kôngo Fundamentalism is also a lifestyle in conformity with the plan of our Heart, our Angel, and our God.


Creative God has chosen very Powerful Angels, to whom he gave the mission to supervising, the material and spiritual evolution of Africa; but instead of looking the contact with these Great Beings, full of pride, you turn the back to them and you go to search for foreign Gods.

Instead of going to the mountains, the caves, the crowned sites that God placed in your country, to inspire to you and guide you in your spiritual evolution, you turn the back on all that and you raisin your time to think of the Alps, in the Himalayas, in California, the mount Palomar… etc

Instead of going towards your Ancestors, you turn the back to them, and you spend your time day and night to call upon foreign Ancestors who do not have anything with you.

The result of all that is that, it’s has already been more than twenty five years that you do all of that, but you are nowhere.

Each true Neophyte has a field in which he is very strong.

1º) Africa needs true Neophytes who are able to make inventions. You do not make anything and you call yourself of Neophyte …

2º) In other countries of the world, they are Initiates who make discoveries and create new technical terms which miss in their languages to indicate their inventions. You say yourself that you are a Neophyte, but you are unable to do that for your native tongue…

3º) Africa needs true Neophytes who are able to contact the Files of the Ancestors and thus to write the True story of the nation. You are unable to do that, and you call yourself for a Neophyte …                    

4º) Speaking on behalf of Tata  Nzambi'a Mpungu, only one word of Mfumu Kimbangu had the power to raise million people in Central Africa.

Only one speech of Mama Vita Kimpa put in boiling all the Kingdom of Kôngo, from the south of Angola to Gabon.

You, you qualify yourself of Neophyte, and your environment is insensitive to your verb…

From 1921 to 1951, only one murmur of Mfumu Kimbangu in his dungeon of Lubumbashi raised million people in Kongo Central (today Low-Zaire). The colonialist then launched out in the wildest repression, but in vain. Hundred thousand of people knew the drama of relegation out of their native area. They create Abako in 1950. Mfumu Kimbangu died in 1951, Abako (= Alliance of Bakongo) takes the ownership and leads Belgian Kongo to prophesied independence. Here is what a Kôngo Neophyte is able of. Here is the power of the Great Nabi Kôngo!

But you, you qualify yourself by Neophyte, and it doesn’t show in what you are able. And then, what a kind of Neophyte you are talking, since it is known that they must judge the tree by its fruits! In what initiation are your speeches?

Undoubtedly of a masked initiation, of low-level, this makes you to consider the smoke for the light…

Only the Angel responsible by Creative God to guide your nation is authorized to give you true Initiation. Without his permission, you will be able to cover the entire world; you will do nothing but overload your head with biblical verses badly interpreted, and vocabularies of the non African languages which will not be used for nothing. Put an end to this useless walk, ô! Worthy Son of Africa.  

1º) Put an end to the worship of the foreign Gods.

2º) In all your prayers, call God by the name that he had given to your Ancestors.

3º) Adore this God on behalf of the Prophets whom he had sent to your tribe, and not by the non African tribe.

4º) Adore this God by using the language which he had given to your Ancestors.

5º) Teach to your children the history of your tribe, of your clan, because it contains much information on the relation that existed in the past between God and your tribe. Because the past prepares the present, that prepares the future.

6º) Respect all prohibits sexual or food that God had given to your Ancestors, even if seems odd to you and unexplainable.

7º) Look to discover the current will of God for your tribe and put yourself to work so that it can be achieved.

8º) Look to discover in your tribe, and in Africa in general, those who work for the Ancestors, do your best to collaborate with them, by supporting them mentally, orally, materially, spiritually, and financially.

9º) Cultivate a very intense desire to contact your Ancestors and be faithful to their cause.  

10º) Cease the misuse of the sorcery and the forces of nature to harm to your brothers of race.           

11º) Get rid of the individualism that sacrifices the interest of the greatest number to the profit of your own interests, because the Angel of the nation wants the prosperity of everyone in the nation.

12º) Often think of your Ancestors and accustomed to going to deposit a spray of flowers in their cemetery.

13º) Cultivate a great purity of thoughts and intentions.

14º) Diffuse each fragment of the history of your tribe that happens to you. Because it is while giving that we can receive.

15º) Gather to create a core of Worship of God of your Ancestors. Keep a great purity of this core of worship, so that it can become a magnetic center which will start to attract the other information that you need.

16º) Visit some holy Places of your country in a state of great purity and firm determination to serve the cause of the Ancestors.

17º) Be ready to pay with courage the compensatory allowances which will bring the reopening of the communication channel between the intuitive ones of your tribe and God of your Ancestors.

18º) Work jointly to set up a national religion in conformity with the mentality of people of your tribe.

19º) They will open that to who will knock, and who seeks will find.


Into a multinational country, each tribe must create a core of worship of the God of his Ancestors. This core will be charged to lead deeply the research on the old ancestral religion. After several years of research, when each core reaches a certain degree of advance in this work, the government of this country will organize a conference where the representatives of all the tribes of the country will come to review their work, and to launch the bases of the National Religion of this country, whose Angels of each tribe and their Glorified Ancestors will be the only Saints that the people of this country will have to consider.

After having joined all the useful lessons, they will divide them into two holly Books: one of mainstream education intended for everyone, while the other will be a Book of Secrets of the Temple, which will be accessible only to Mfumu'a Nlongo (the Great Priest) and the King (the Head of the State).

There is one Chosen tribe of people for each race of this planet. When we will be able to set up the African Religion, all tribes will have to turn like planets around the Chosen people of the Negros Race, which will be regarded as their central Sun, their spinal column, their principal Root.

The Holly book of mainstream education of Chosen people will be the great skeleton in which will come to be grafted the Books of the other tribes. Thus, the Creative Angels of God in charge of the restoration of Africa had decided this in 1945: 

When an African tribe has many errors to compensate, it will be necessary a relatively long time before the communication channel of this tribe with its Angel can largely open. To do not create a vacuum, after having butted all the foreign bibles out, that this tribe will temporarily use to them Writing  Crowned mainstream education of the Chosen people of the World Black Race, the Kôngo People.    



1º) The Enemy of Africa will come and say to you that it is an unrealizable work, but for me, I say that this work is difficult, but realizable. Because, to all those who will be given to this work body and heart will work under the blessing of the Angels of Creative God in charge of the Restoration of Africa.

2º) The Enemy of Africa will certainly come and say to you that, each tribe has an Angel, but the time of these Angels already passed. In truth I say it to you that it is only Devilish operation of this Enemy who wants to hinder the Africans from going to draw to the source of the true power.

The Protestant Missionaries defended their faithful Africans to go to contact their Ancestors with the cemeteries, meanwhile, secretly, at midnight, these same Missionaries went to the cemetery of the former died Missionaries in Kingoyi (Manianga)!

Wavuna, vioka.

Kutu di ufiona, dia zengi ! 

You’ve tried to bypass

The ear you’ve cleaned is of rude!


At the time of the decline of Egyptian civilization, in year 220 before the era of fish (before J.C.), addressing to the Kôngo People, via the great Neophyte Ne Mbemba Zulu (= the Eagle of the Sky), the Lord our God said:

101. You are my Chosen people.

Your first Ancestors came from Space,

But you, you were born in Ethiopia.

102. I brought you in Egypt.

Now I make you leave Egypt,

And I send you far beyond Ethiopia:

103. To be the Head and Heart

Of this great area of Ntimansi

This goes from the Katiopa Ocean, Kalunga,

Until the sources of the Nile.

104. You will live in the Promised Country,

Of the Great King, the Great Mani Kongo,

Who will come from the sky, in the Space.

105. It is there that prophecies will be achieved

Because, in truth, says the Lord,

When the Sons of the World of Darkness

Will manage to deviate collectively the

People of the Earth from the right Way,

The light that will rehabilitate the World

Will come from Kongo dia Ntontela.

106. At the foreseen times by the Lord, 

When the Star of the promise

Will come in Kongo Central

                Makaba 115: 101-106


There is only one SUPREME GOD, and a UNIVERSAL RELIGION on the Sky.

When this Universal Religion goes down on the Earth, it comes to take several different forms, adapted to the mentality and to the specific culture of the various people of the planet Earth. Because each race has its mentality, specific and authentic.

1º) the BUKONGO, in other words NZILA KONGO (= the Kôngo Way) is the Universal Religion adapted to the mentality of the Negros Race World-wide

2º) ISLAM is the Universal Religion adapted to the mentality of the Arabs.

3º) BUDDHISM is the Universal Religion adapted to the mentality of the Asian ones.

4º) CHRISTIANITY is the Universal Religion adapted to the mentality of the White.

- It is BOUDHA, an Asian, who is in the center of Buddhism.

- It is JESUS, a White who is in the center of Christianity.

- It is MOHAMED, an Arab, who is in the middle of Islam

 - It is NLONGI' A KONGO, a Negros, who is in the middle of Bukongo, of Nzila Kongo. (= the Kôngo Way)


Here is the WISDOM OF GOD. To save a given People, God always use a Son of these People, of a Large Neophyte who knows the mentality of his People.

The BUKONGO, BUDDHISM, CHRISTIANITY, and ISLAM. The Unit in diversity. Such is the Natural law, of the universe. Because God is opposed to monotony, with the standardization. Thus, God has creates several races, several kinds of trees, several kinds of animals, birds, fish, creatures, several races of men, and several Specific Religions adapted to the mentality of various races of the planet Earth.

The SKY preaches the Unit in diversity. The Diversity in the complementarily of ISLAM, of BUKONGO, BUDDHISM and CHRISTIANITY.

It’s the INTOLERANCE and the INTEGRISM of the Colonial Christianity which are responsible of the Religions’ war in the Planet Earth.

To reduce the forest in only one species of trees is to introduce POVERTY into this forest, which is very rich by its diversity of trees.

To remove ISLAM, BUDDHISM, and the BUKONGO, to leave only Colonial CHRISTIANITY, it is TO IMPOVERISH the Cultural heritage of Humanity, and going against the Natural law, which preaches the Unit in Diversity.

The BIBLE has many things to envy to the MAKABA, within the framework of the complementarily of the Revealed Messages, for the wellbeing of the Sons of man who are also of Sons of God.




From 1986 to 1995, Ne Muanda Nsemi Spiritual leader of Bundu dia Kongo already wrote and published the following books:

1º) French

1.   The Authenticity and the Religion

2.   To revalorize our African Languages

3.   Here is Munu Kutuba

4.   The Statute of Bundu dia Kongo

5.   The Authenticity and Civilization

6.   The Authenticity and Tribes

7.   Saboteurs of Authenticity

8.   To support the Authenticity

9.   To build the Temple of the Authenticity

10.  Go in Mama Yemo

11.  Bundu dia Kongo and the Authenticity

12.  The Conference of Ntimansi

13.  The Structure of Bundu dia Kongo

14.  The Message of Bundu dia Kongo

15.  B.D.K and the National conference

16.  History of Central Kongo

17.  You know Bakongo

18.  The Kikongo Language

19.  To rehabilitate the African Culture

20.  Kikongo and Chemical Science

21.  The Inaugural speech of Makongo

22.  The Specificity of the Kongo Religion

23.  Jesus and the Bible

24.  Earth of Kongo

25.  Kikongo and the Military academy

26.  Central Kongo

27.  Not Mister the Professor

28.  New Portuguese of Luanda

29.  Children of Kongo

30.  African rebirth

31.  The province of Kongo dia Luangu

32.  My References

33.  Longi'a Kongo speaks to the Young people Bakongo

34.  The Oil of Central Kongo

35.  The Worship African Side

36.  The State de Kuimba

37.  Kikongo and Teaching

38.  Union of Ntimansi

39.  Kikongo and the science of Electron 40.   The Mission of the CBZO

41.  Kikongo and Nuclear Science

42.  Xenophobia? Not! 

43.  Problems of Central Kongo

44.  To the Governor of Central Kongo

45.  To the Prime Minister Kenge wa Dondo

46.  Impression of Makaba

47.  Names of Bakongo

48.  The Compass of the Union of Ntimansi

49.  The Kongo Cultural center

50.  Enemies of our Culture

51.  Christian Sectarianism

52.  The Autonomy of the Areas

53.  The Na Kiasuama work

2º) In Kikongo.

  1. Malongi ma Minu
  2. Kubama
  3. Kindoki ?
  4. Nzambi za Nzenza
  5. Mvulusi Wansompa
  6. Kiese mu tanga Bibila
  7. Bana Beto
  8. Luiza Sonama
  9. Kimbangi kia Minu

10.Mandanda ma Bisambu

11.Lusuasisa Zimpeve

12.Bakulu Batatu

13.Kisambu kia Mafua

14.Mansueki ma Lusakumunu

15.Kimpuanza kia Kimpeve

16.Sambila Nzambi za Nzanza

17.Kedika kue Kiena ?

18.Nani tuna Yadisa ?

19.Kimfumu ma kia Tumbua

20.Mpeve ya Mika mia Mbua

21.Ne Muanda Kongo i nani ?

22.Mvutu za Bisambu biaku

23.Kubika nzila Mfumu

24.Mavanga ma Ntatu

25.Tatu mu Kinzambi kia Kongo

26.Kanda dia Kongo

27.Nganga za Kinlongo

28.Mbila Mfumu a Ndungunu

29.Biela bia Kanda dia Kongo

30.Minsiku mia Bundu dia Kongo

31.Mfumu Yesu ye Bibila dia Bayuda

32.Kibundesua kia Kongo Dianene

33.Bibila dia Kongo

34.Mazayu Makitamina

35.Kongo Diakati ye mavangilu

36.Kikongo ye Mazayu


38.Nsilulu zena yeto

39.Malongi ma Mayala

40.Sakanana Ntumua ?

41.Tata tuvana Ntuadisi

42.Nzambi’a Israel i nani ?

43.Mbua za Ntatu

44.Salu kiaku nki ?

45.Ntangu’a Nsilulu

46.Nkua Mayuya

    100. Nsikudukusu kua Bakongo

    101. Kimono kuame i nki?

    102. Nsobolo ku Kongo Diakati

    103. Bakongo Lusikama

    104. Mvutu kua Missioni

    105. Mfumu Muanda Velela

    106. Ntoto Tualomba

    107. Bintuadi Nsambodia

    108. Mpungu za Nzinga

    109. Mbanza Kongo

    110. Kongo Dieto

    111. Kimpangala

    112. Yesu ye Paulu

    113. Bakongo nki Luavengi?

    114. Mbuetete ya Nsilulu

    115. Bantuenia Lusikama

    116. Ntantu mia Nsobolo

    117. Mbongo mu Ntoto

    118. Makaba 118

    119. Nkunga mia Bundu dia Kongo

    120. Na Mfuenge

    121.  Zitisa Mfumu’a Lupangu.

............. (to be followed)............

Note : Message adressé aux Noirs vivant dans les pays Anglophones et Etats-Unis...Vous êtes très nombreux à visiter ce site...J'espère que ce message vous apportera une Lumière sur Bundu dia Kongo...Ingeta !